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Allen & Heath AH-AP12151 Avantis Dust Cover
Allen & Heath AH-AP12151 Avantis Dust Cover

Allen & Heath AH-AP12151 Avantis Dust Cover

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MPN: AH-AP12151
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  • Allen & Heath AH-AP12151 Avantis Dust Cover
MSRP: $129.99
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The AH-AP12151 is a protective cover for Allen & Heath's Avantis Mixing Console (sold separately).

More about Allen & Heath's Avantis Mixing Consoles

Allen & Heath’s Avantis mixing consoles feature the renowned 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine 64 full processing inputs, 12 stereo FX returns, 42 configurable busses, variable bit depth, expanded mix headroom, 0.7ms latency, and dPack option for additional dLive processing. Next-generation technology and parallel virtual processing cores power 88x42 channels (including FX returns) at a sampling rate of 96kHz.

Avantis’ large continuity UI screen streamlines the interplay between physical controls and displays, allowing you to achieve tactile precision over the mix. Faders react to touch by highlighting active channels. The FastGrab tab allows you to instantly adjust parameters (aux sends, EQ, compressor, FX) on specific channels. Channel rotaries let you change gains or pans.

Add effects that create your unique sound. Avantis offers 12 dedicated FX rack slots, with a stunning FX suite that includes reverbs, delays, and classic modulation effects. Offering one slot per effect, each slot has a dedicated stereo return to optimize input channel availability.

Customize your mix to fit your specific system. Avantis mixing consoles are well-equipped for local connectivity, boasting 12 analog XLR inputs and outputs each, as well as AES (Stereo In, 2x Stereo Out). Two additional I/O Ports accommodate dLive option cards, including Dante (64x64 and 128x128), Waves, gigaACE, MADI, and more. Connect any A&H expander hardware via the SLink connection. This flexibility makes Avantis models ideal for front-of-house or monitor splits as well as multitrack recording. Avantis’ all-metal build is simultaneously durable and lightweight, making it a great choice for professional audio setups that take a beating—even touring setups that are on the move.

Take control with Avantis’ integrated apps and available controllers. Avantis Director software, MixPad app, and Custom Control app are compatible. Use the Avantis Director app to edit online and off.

A range of remote controllers and GPIO interfaces are also available, with up to 48 IP remote controllers over a standard TCP/IP network. With these tools at your disposal, ideal applications for Avantis include IEM mixing on stage, extra fader banks at FOH, and local control in breakout rooms.

Allen & Heath AH-AP12151 Features

  • Protective mixer cover
  • Fits Allen & Heath's Avantis Mixing Console (sold separately)
  • AH-AP12151 Avantis Dust Cover1
  • CompatiblityAllen & Heath's Avantis Mixing Console (sold separately)

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