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Allen & Heath dLive CDM64 C Class MixRack Digital Stagebox
Allen & Heath dLive CDM64 C Class MixRack Digital Stage Box

Allen & Heath dLive CDM64 C Class MixRack Digital Stage Box

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Get to the heart of any dLive system with Allen & Heath’s dLive CDM64 C Class MixRack Digital Stagebox. Designed to connect to a dLive control surface (sold separately), the CDM64 can also be controlled using a laptop, iPad, or third-party controllers using TCP/IP. The CDM64 Mixrack Digital Stagebox is ideal for multi-microphone, spoken-word applications of all types and sizes, such as conferences, panel shows, on-stage discussions, live forums, council meetings, and town halls.

Power from the Core

Central to the CDM64’s powerhouse capabilities is its XCVI processing core, which boasts 25 billion operations per second. Complete with audio I/O, control, and audio networking ports, this next-generation processing core uses innovative FPGA technology and combines 36 parallel virtual processing cores that power 160-64 channels at a 96kHz sampling rate. The XCVI core incorporates 6 parallel mixing engines that calculate over 10,000 cross points per sample, while its FPGA router offers capacity for 3,000x3,000 audio paths.

The XCVI provides enough power to the CDM64 stagebox that enables dLive to deliver premium functionality and maximum versatility. These features include:

  • 128 full processing inputs
  • 16 stereo FX returns
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture
  • Variable bit depth
  • 96bit accumulator
  • Ultra-low latency (0.7ms)

Extras and FX

The CDM64 MixRack Digital Stagebox comes with a comprehensive RackExtra FX portfolio. Achieve pristine audio quality while enjoying a versatile range of boutique plugins…all with the convenience and low latency made possible by onboard processing. Using the XCVI Core’s power, Allen & Heath has integrated their library of reverb, delay, and modulator algorithms.

Enable up to 4 zones that allow automatic control of multiple rooms at the same time—all from one interface. For further streamlining of your workload, the CDM64 comes with two modes of Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) operation:

  • D-Classic uses gain sharing and offers quick and easy set-up
  • Number of Open Microphones (NOM) uses a logic-based automatic mixing algorithm for expanded parameters and increased operator flexibility

Allen & Heath dLive CDM64 Features

  • 64 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs
  • XCVI 160—64 FPGA core
  • 128 Input Channels with full processing
  • 64 Mix Outputs with full processing
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)
  • 16 RackExtra FX with dedicated stereo returns
  • 24 DCAs
  • AMM (Automatic Mic Mixer) up to 64 channels across 1, 2 or 4 zones
  • Built-in signal generator and RTA
  • New preamp design for extra transparency
  • Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source
  • Connection hub
  • Add up to 22 DX I/O expanders via DX Hub modules or DX Link cards
  • Flush front panel with ultra quiet fan
  • Reversible rack ears design
  • dLive CDM64 C Class MixRack Digital Stagebox1
  • Inputs
    • Mic/Line XLR Inputs: Balanced XLR, +48V phantom power
    • Mic/Line Preamp: Fully recallable
    • Input Sensitivity: -60 to +15dBu
    • Analogue Gain: +5 to +60dB, 1dB steps
    • Pad: -20dB Active PAD
    • Maximum Input Level: +30dBu (PAD in)
    • Input Impedance: >4kΩ (Pad out), >10kΩ (Pad in)
    • Mic EIN: -127dB with 150Ω source
    • Phantom Power Indication: Per socket, internal or external phantom power sensing, triggered at 24V
  • Outputs
    • Analogue XLR Outputs: Balanced, Relay protected
    • Output Impedance: <75Ω
    • Nominal Output: +4dBu = 0dB meter reading
    • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
    • Residual Output Noise:
      • -92dBu (muted, 20-20kHz)
      • 90dBu (muted, 20-40kHz)
  • System
    • Measured balanced XLR in to XLR out, 20-20kHz, minimum Gain, Pad out
    • Dynamic Range: 110dB
    • System Signal to Noise: -92dB
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30kHz +0/-0.8dB
    • THD+N (analogue in to out): 0.0015% @ +16dBu output, 1kHz 0dB gain
    • Headroom: +18dB
    • Internal Operating Level: 0dBu
    • dBFS Alignment: +18dBu = 0dBFS (+22dBu at XLR output)
    • Meter Calibration: 0dB meter = -18dBFS (+4dBu at XLR out)
    • Meter Peak Indication: -3dBFS (+19dBu at XLR out)
    • Sampling Rate: 96kHz +/- 20 PPM
    • ADC: 24-bit Delta-Sigma
    • DAC: 24-bit Delta-Sigma
    • Latency
      • 0.7 ms (MixRack XLR in to XLR out, Input to Mix)
      • + 5 samples, Surface to Mixrack (GigaACE hop)
      • + 8 samples, DX32 to Mixrack (DX hop)
    • Operating Temperature Range0 deg C to 35 deg C (32 deg F to 95 deg F)
    • Mains Power100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 110W max
  • Dimensions and Weight (W x D x H)
    • Unboxed: 19 x 12.2 x 14 inches (481.6 x 309 x 354.5 mm 8U), 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg)
    • Boxed: 23.6 x 16.9 x 20.5 inches (600 x 430 x 520 mm), 36.5 lbs (16.5 kg)

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