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Allen & Heath XONE:92 6-Channel DJ Mixer
Allen & Heath XONE:92-FADER 6-Channel DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath XONE:92-FADER 6-Channel DJ Mixer

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MSRP: $2,299.00
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Renowned for its expansive, involving sound, the Xone:92 is a versatile 6-channel analog mixer from Allen & Heath that is ideal for taking your DJ performance to the next level. This is a professional-grade piece of gear that combines durability with control over every detail. It’s a powerful tool for pro DJs at home or on the road, recording in a studio, or gigging live at a club.

This mixer comes with 6 dual stereo channels that use twin rail linear or rotary VCA faders. These faders control the audio using DC voltages, enabling the mixer to endure a lot of punishment without compromising on sound clarity. The Xone:92 also comes with a Penny & Giles VCA crossfader with a curve that can be swept between dipped response—resulting in seamless beat mixing and fast attack, equipping you for awesome scratch or cut mixing when inspiration strikes. Rounding out this mixer’s top-of-the-line features are 2 stereo FX sends and a premium EQ section.

Take your creativity to new heights with the Xone:92’s dual Voltage Controlled Filters (VCFs), each with its own “ON” switch. Like the kind found on analog synths, these VCFs go one step further, benefiting from modern technology for enhanced quiet and sound stability. They can be used to sweep the sound, accentuating or cutting frequencies ranging from 30Hz to 20kHz. Combine the filter types (HPF, BPF, and LPF) to create personalized effects. Low-Frequency Oscillator controls allow for cyclic LFO changes to be applied to individual filters, and a large resonance control adjusts the “Q” or sharpness of the filter effect from subtle to extreme.

The Xone:92’s enhanced connectivity lets you plug in up to 4 turntables, 2 mics, CD players, MD players, drum machines, samplers, and more. MIDI connectivity lets you control DJ software and external devices. With color-coded indicators, an easy-to-navigate layout, and clear graphics, you’ll be able to intuitively mix in all environments, so you can focus on your art and not on reading the display.

Allen & Heath XONE:92 Features

  • 6 dual stereo channels – 4 phono/line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return
  • 2 independent stereo mix outputs
  • 2 aux sends for output to external FX units
  • VCF system – 2 independent stereo filters with frequency and resonance controls
  • 2 independent LFO’s for filter manipulation
  • 4-band EQ – total kill on HF and LF, wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost
  • Booth output – dedicated output on TRS jack
  • MIDI values can be output from 6 controls (e.g. crossfader, LFO)
  • P&G easy change professional VCA crossfader
  • Illuminated lightpipes showing status of performance controls
  • Intelligent cue for pre or post EQ monitoring
  • Monitor section includes post EQ switch, split cue and mix to cue balance
  • 2 headphone outputs (1/4” and 3.5mm)
  • Ducking control on mono/mic channel
  • XONE:92 6-channel DJ mixer1
  • Frequency response+/-0.5dB 5Hz to 30kHz
  • Distortion< 0.003% THD+noise @1kHz
  • Crosstalk> -93dB Inter-channel
  • Internal headroom+22dB
  • Mains in3 pin IEC socket
  • AC mains110 to 240V AC @ 47/63Hz
  • Consumption30W max

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Allen & Heath XONE:92 6-Channel DJ Mixer

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