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Allen & Heath ZED-10 Multipurpose Mixer
Allen & Heath ZED-10 Multipurpose Mixer

Allen & Heath ZED-10 Multipurpose Mixer

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MSRP: $469.99
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Take your show on the road with the ZED-10 Multipurpose Mixer from Allen & Heath. This compact, versatile mixer is easy to fit into any audio setup, and its portability makes it the ideal choice for small band mixing, gigging, or recording live or in a home studio. With optimized connectivity, MusiQ-fitted equalization, built-in guitar DI, and more, the ZED-10 delivers the tools you need to ensure you sound your best. Designed to make your live sound and music production seamless, the ZED-10 comes with configurable USB audio inputs and outputs. No need to install external soundcards—just plug in a USB lead and select USB routing on the mixer to get started right away at your recording. This feature gives you CD-quality audio to and from your Mac or PC, while switches and connections via the mixer’s jack socket terminals offer a variety of send/return options.

The ZED-10 comes with a responsive 3-band, swept mid-frequency EQ design at uses MusiQ. Its optimized slope (Q factor) allows you to precision-equalize individual instruments in your band.

Guitarists can dispense with the extra DI box and plug their instrument directly into the ZED-10 using its designated high-impedance inputs (inputs 3 and 4) that are compatible with normal line levels or the low-level inputs from guitar pickups. The resulting sound replicates classic guitar or instrument tube preamps. Use the gain “Boost” switch for instruments with very low-level outputs.

Rounding out the ZED-10’s connectivity options are 2 stereo inputs for MP3/CD players or keyboards, as well as professional XLR stereo outputs and a versatile monitoring section that lets you plug in a headphone and/or speakers to listen to your sound however you prefer.

Allen & Heath ZED-10 Features

  • 4 mic/line inputs, 2 with Class A FET high impedance inputs
  • Neutrik mic XLR
  • Neutrik ¼ inch jacks
  • 3 band EQ with MusiQ
  • 2 auxes
  • Sound image pan
  • Illuminated PFL indicator
  • Stereo returns & playback
  • All inputs with level control
  • 12 bar meters
  • Responsive 3-band, swept mid EQ with MusiQ
  • 2 stereo sources with MP3 player compatibility
  • Separate 2-track record outputs
  • Stereo playback input for 2-track replay
  • XLR main stereo outputs with inserts
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • Stereo monitor outs
  • 48V microphone phantom power
  • DI level switching for sub mixing
  • ZED-10 Multipurpose Mixer1
  • Mains Lead1
  • User Guide1
  • One Year Limited Warranty1
  • Operating Levels
    • Input
      • Mono channel (XLR) Input: -10 to –60dBu for nominal (+11dBu in max)
      • Mono channel Line Input (Jack socket): +10 to –40dBu (+31dBu maximum)
      • Stereo Input (Jack or phono sockets): 0dBu nominal (control = Off to +15dB)
    • Output
      • L/R Outputs ( XLR) Normal/DI out: 0dBu/-30dBu +21dBu/-9dBu maximum
      • Aux & FX Outputs (Jack sockets): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum.
      • Record & Monitor Outputs (phono sockets): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
  • Frequency Response
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 30dB gain: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 30kHz.
    • Line in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 25kHz
    • Stereo in to Mix L/R out: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 30kHz
  • THD+n
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 10dB gain 1kHz: +10dBu out 0.002%
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 30dB gain 1kHz: 0.01%
    • Line in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain 0dBu 1kHz: 0.003%
    • Stereo in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain +10dBu 1kHz: 0.002%
    • Gtr Input to Mix L/R Out, 0dBu, Boost OUT: 0.015%
    • Gtr Input to Mix L/R Out, 0dBu, Boost IN: 2% Second Harmonic
  • Headroom
    • Analogue Headroom from nominal (0Vu): 21dB
    • USB in & out headroom from nominal (0Vu): 14dB
  • Noise
    • Mic Pre EIN @ max gain 150R input Z 22-22kHz: -127dBu
    • Mix L/R out, L/R faders = 0, Levels min, 22-22kHz: -96dBu
    • Mix L/R out, L/R faders = 0, Levels min, 22-22kHz: -96dBu
  • USB Audio CODEC (Coder/Decoder)
    • USB Audio In/Out: USB 1.1 compliant 16bit
    • Sample Rate: 32, 44.1, or 48kHz

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