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Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer
Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer

SoundPro Item: 72104
MSRP: $399.99

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Enjoy the best of both worlds with the ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer from Allen & Heath. This mixer is the perfect balance of the warmth, power, and hands-on control of analog with the next-generation quality of a 4x4 USB interface. Great for a wide variety of applications, this mixer is particularly well-suited for guitarists and podcasters who are aiming for compact, yet professional, quality audio.

Whether you’re at home, performing live, or in the recording studio, this mixer brings polished quality to your sound with its 24 bit/96kHz 4x4 USB interface that effortlessly captures multitrack recordings direct from the mixer to your computer. Alternatively, you can use an iOS camera kit to record using an iOS device (all external gear sold separately). No matter what your preference, the ZEDi-10 is designed to offer tons of setup options so you can accommodate the way you work best.

The ZEDi-10 features the GSPre preamp design based on the renowned GS-R24 studio recording console, enabling it to deliver signature analog warmth and depth while simultaneously experiencing ultra-low noise and massive headroom. The ZEDi-10 comes with built-in 3-band MusiQ EQ controls that are specifically calibrated for responsiveness and accuracy, so you can shape and fine-tune the tone of each musical source.

Engineered to meet Allen & Heath’s stringent standards, the ZEDi-10 is built to withstand the rigors of touring and travel, while its compact size and user-friendliness make it an obvious choice for musicians and content creators on the go.

Guitarists can dispense with the separate DI boxes. The ZEDi-10 comes with 2 Guitar DI high impedance jack inputs, letting you plug your guitar straight into the mixer.

Included with the ZEDi-10 are the acclaimed Cubase LE music production software and its corresponding app. This powerful, intuitive software provides all the tools you need for audio recording, editing, MIDI sequencing, and mixing. The Cubasis LE mobile music production app is a streamlined multitouch sequencer for iPad developed by Steinberg, which has been specifically designed for quick and easy recording, mixing, and editing.

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Features

  • 4 in, 4 out USB Audio Interface (24-bit/96kHz)
  • Cubase LE Software included
  • Cubasis LE App included
  • 4 Mic / Line Inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets
  • 2 Stereo Inputs with TRS jack sockets
  • 2 Guitar DI high impedance inputs, eliminating the need for DI boxes
  • Lo-cut filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise
  • 3 band EQ for easy creative and corrective tonal shaping
  • FX out for connecting external effects units
  • Aux out for connecting a monitor speaker or in-ear / headphone monitoring
  • 60mm smooth travel fader on main mix
  • XLR main outputs
  • Flexible signal monitoring
  • 8 LED signal metering
  • 48V Phantom Power for condenser mics
  • Robust internal power supply
  • ZEDi-10 Hybrid Compact Mixer1
  • IEC Mains Power Cable1
  • USB-A-B Cable 2M1
  • User Guide1
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty1
  • Operating Levels
    • Input
      • Mono channel 1-2 (XLR) Input (For Nominal 0dBu): -5dBu to –60dBu (+13dBu maximum)
      • Mono channel 3-4 (XLR) Input (For Nominal 0dBu) Pad IN: +15dBu to –40dBu (+23dBu maximum)
      • Mono channel 1-2 Instrument/Line Input (Jack socket): +14dBu to -40dBu (+17dBu maximum)
      • Mono channel 3-4 Line Input (Jack socket): +15dBu to -40dBu (+23dBu maximum)
      • Stereo Input (Jack sockets): 0dBu nominal (control = Off to +15dB Gain)
    • Output
      • L/R Outputs (XLR): 0dBu (+18dBu maximum)
      • Aux & FX Output (Jack sockets): 0dBu (+18dBu maximum)
      • Monitor Output L/R (RCA Phono Sockets): 0dBu (+18dBu maximum)
  • Frequency Response
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 30dB gain: 10Hz to 30kHz +0.5/-1dB
    • Instrument/Line in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain: 10Hz to 30kHz +0.5/-1dB
    • Stereo in to Mix L/R out: 10Hz to 30kHz +0.5/-1dB
  • THD+n
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 10dB gain 1kHz +10dBu out (22Hz-22kHz Filter): 0.002%
    • Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 30dB gain 1kHz (22Hz-22kHz Filter): 0.005%
    • Instrument in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain 0dBu 1kHz (22Hz-22kHz Filter): 0.03% 2nd Harmonic
    • Stereo in to Mix L/R out 0dB gain +10dBu 1kHz (22Hz-22kHz Filter): 0.0025%
  • Headroom
    • Analog Headroom from nominal (0Vu); 18dB
    • USB in & out headroom from nominal (0Vu): 18dB
  • Noise
    • Mic Pre EIN @ max gain 150R input Z (22Hz-22kHz Filter): -127dBu
    • Mix L/R out, L/R fader = 0, Channel Levels min (22Hz-22kHz Filter): -93dBu
    • Mix L/R out, L/R faders = 0, Channel Levels 0dB (22Hz-22kHz Filter): -90dBu

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