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ART S8-3WAY 8-Channel Mic Splitter
ART S8-3WAY 8-Channel Mic Splitter

ART S8-3WAY 8-Channel Mic Splitter

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The ​S8-3WAY​ 8-Channel Mic Splitter from ART is a 3-way microphone splitter is ideal for live sound, recording and broadcast applications where microphone and XLR balanced line level input signals have to go to multiple mix locations.

Each channel provides one XLR input, one XLR direct output with two additional transformer isolated XLR outputs for a total of 3 balanced outputs from each single microphone input signal.

Typical uses would include sending 8 direct signals through the ​S8-3WAY​ to a main Front-of-house mixer, with additional feeds going to a monitor mix station while transformer balanced isolated feeds are sent to remote recording desk or used for a broadcast feed.

The ART ​S8-3WAY​ features the same high-quality musical sounding transformers used in the popular ART ​S8​, and is housed in a standard 1U space rack-mountable steel chassis designed for years of reliable operation.

ART S8-3WAY Features

  • High-quality passive interface
  • 8 high-performance transformers
  • One (1) direct and two (2) transformer isolated output per channel
  • Balanced XLR input and 3 balanced XLR per channel
  • Extremely wide frequency response
  • Extremely low voltage insertion loss
  • Reversible rack ears for added system flexibility
  • Live Sound
  • Permanent/Fixed install
  • Studio applications
  • S8-3WAY 8-Channel Mic Splitter1
  • Frequency Response20 Hz to 20K Hz, ±0.25 dB @ -15 dBu, -3 dB at approximately 165K Hz
    • Less than 0.26% from 20 Hz to 20K Hz at –15 dBu input
    • Less than 0.1% from 45 Hz to 20K Hz at –15 dBu input
    • 0.002% Typical at 1K Hz, –15 dBu input
  • Phase ResponseLess than 10 degrees at 20K Hz (ref. 1K Hz)
  • Input ImpedanceGreater than 1.1K Ohms at 1K Hz (Typical driving source impedance is 150 Ohms)
  • Output ImpedanceLess than 255 Ohms at 1K Hz (Typical output load impedance is 1K Ohms)
  • Common Mode Rejection RatioGreater than 105 dB @ 60 Hz, Greater than 80 dB @ 3K Hz
  • Voltage Insertion LossApproximately 2 dB at 1K Hz
  • Max Input Level for 1% THD-1.4 dBu at 20 Hz, +3.5 dBu at 30 Hz, +9.4 dBu at 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)1.75x19x3.75” (44.5x482.6x95mm)
  • Weight3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg)
  • Ref0 dBu = 0.775 VRMS

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ART S8-3WAY 8-Channel Mic Splitter

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