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SoundPro's Microphone Capsule Guide

SoundPro's Microphone Capsule Guide

Posted by Laura Strommen - SoundPro on Jun 21st 2024

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Microphones are at the heart of audio applications such as musical performances, public speaking, studio recording, and content creation. No matter what the project is, a mic’s purpose is the same: to attain pristine, accurate audio that makes you sound your best. Finding the right mic for the job sets you up for success before you even get started—and making use of interchangeable microphone capsules is a way to further fine-tune the audio you capture while ensuring your setup is versatile for the future.


Sometimes called a “head” or “cartridge” depending on the manufacturer, the microphone capsule is the component of the mic that converts acoustic energy—the sound source you want to capture—into an electrical signal so that it can be transmitted to a loudspeaker, mixer, audio interface, or other form of audio technology.

Sometimes capsules are built into the microphone body to stay permanently. However, popular wireless handheld microphone systems often are designed with the feature of interchangeable capsules. This allows you to use the same mic body (the transmitter) with a different capsule—ideal for when you need to tweak the pickup pattern, sensitivity, or some other detail of the mic, but also a great option for transmitters that have multiple users where you want to swap capsules between performers for hygiene purposes.


Below are outlined the top-selling capsules on, with a short description of each capsule’s features, intended applications, and compatible microphone bodies.

Sennheiser MMD 835-1 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

This capsule is easily installed, includes a metal grille, and replaces faulty or damaged capsules. The interchangeable capsule system allows users to select among capsules with differing sensitivity levels and polarity patterns.

Compatible with these Sennheiser wireless handheld transmitters:

  • SL handheld DW
  • SKM 100/300/500 G3/G4
  • SKM 2000/6000/9000
  • SKM D1/AVX

Shure RPW122 Wireless Beta 87C Microphone Capsule

Great for lead and backup vocals and speech applications, this capsule replaces the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille for the wireless Beta 87C microphone. This condenser mic from Shure is an excellent choice for any vocalist or speaker looking to reduce off-axis coloration and wanting to maintain a warm and natural sound for their event.

Compatible with the Shure wireless Beta 87C microphone.

Sennheiser MMD 845-1 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

A particularly high feedback rejection and a consistent pickup pattern results in a huge amount of space and voluminous sound, making it a great choice for singers. Rounding out the features of the MMD 845-1 BK is its handling of up to 154 dB sound pressure levels (SPL), 1,6 mV/Pa of sensitivity, and dynamic transducer principle.

Compatible with these Sennheiser Series:

  • Evolution wireless (ew) G3, G4, D1
  • AVX
  • SpeechSeries Digital Wireless
  • 2000

Sennheiser MD 5235 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

The MD 5235 features a cardioid dynamic capsule with a design based on the Sennheiser e900 Series vocal microphones. It is acoustically optimized for loud-stage use, with sound characteristics that allow the vocalist to cut through high sound levels on stage.

Compatible with Sennheiser’s 3000/5000 Series handheld transmitters. It is designed to mount on the SKM 5200 and all variants of the SKM 5000 transmitters.

Shure RPW182 Wireless KSM9HS/SL Microphone Capsule

Sporting a unique champagne finish, the RPW182 replaces the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille for wireless KSM9 microphones. Great for vocals, the KSM9 has been designed specifically for stellar performance in live environments. It offers exceptional consistency across all frequencies, delivering more gain before feedback while simultaneously decreasing the proximity effect.

Compatible with the Shure KSM9 Condenser Microphone.

Sennheiser MME 865-1 Condenser Microphone Capsule

The MME 865-1 BK Microphone Capsule uses condenser technology for realistic voice production. Compared to the other popular option of dynamic microphones, condenser mics are louder, pick up a wider frequency response, and enjoy an expansive dynamic range—all aspects that make them ideal for studio recording.

Compatible with these Sennheiser handheld transmitters:

  • ew G3
  • 2000

Shure RPW116 Wireless SM87A Microphone Capsule

Ideal for singing and speaking applications, the RPW116 replaces the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille for wireless SM87A microphones.

Compatible with Shure wireless SM87A microphones.

Shure RPW110 Wireless PG58 Microphone Capsule

Go into each performance with confidence. The RPW110 replaces the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille for wireless PG58 microphones, which are ideal for lead and backup vocal performance applications where your gear may take a beating.

Compatible with Shure wireless PG58 microphones.

Shure RPW112 Wireless SM58 Microphone Capsule

A versatile variation on a live sound legend. The RPW112 replaces the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille for wireless SM58 microphones. Whether you’re performing in an intimate club setting or an expansive stadium, the SM58 delivers a warm, crisp sound. Though the SM58 is known for vocals, these features allow it to shine when used with instruments as well.

Compatible with Shure wireless SM58 microphones.


With a wide range of mics and accessories, SoundPro provides the tools you need to achieve audio you’ll love. Check out our selection of Wireless Microphone Capsules to find the perfect fit for your application or reach out to one of our Account Managers via e-mail at or by phone at 800.203.5611. You can also learn more about microphone options and maintenance in our articles:

Written by Laura Strommen - Content Writer

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