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Ashly MX-206 6-Input Stereo Microphone Mixer
Ashly MX-206 6-Input Stereo Microphone Mixer

Ashly MX-206 6-Input Stereo Microphone Mixer

SoundPro Item: 41453
MPN: MX-206
MSRP: $1,199.00
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Ashly's MX-206 stereo microphone mixer combines the features, reliability, and sonic performance in a single rackspace. This third generation mixer adds a universal 100-240VAC 50/60Hz power supply and a 3.5mm front panel stereo line input jack.

Other features include stereo, mono, and headphone outputs, a 20dB input pad on each channel, switchable +48V phantom power, up to 60dB of mic preamp gain (84 dB total), and concentric level and pan controls on each input channel.

Ultra low-noise summing amplifiers combine the channel signals for the main outputs. Two 5-segment LED arrays monitor stereo outputs. Stereo line level outputs on 1/4" connectors, a transformer isolated 600 ohm mono output on an XLR connector, and tape/CD inputs and outputs on RCA connectors come as standard equipment.

Ashly uses professional quality 16mm metal shaft potentiometers on all controls for greater accuracy and long life. Input isolation transformers are not available on the MX-206.

Ashly MX-206 Features

  • Transformer Isolated 24dBm 600 ohm Balanced XLR Mono Output
  • Pan Control on Each Channel
  • 48V Phantom Power for Condenser Mics
  • Auxillary TapeCD Inputs and Outputs
  • MX-206 6-Input Stereo Microphone Mixer1
    • THD at +20 dBu, 20Hz-20KHz, input switch at -40dB <0.05%
    • IMD (SMPTE) at +20dBu, input switch at -40dB: <0.02%
  • HUM & NOISE (20Hz-20KHz)
    • equivalent input hum and noise (input switch -60dB)<-128dBu
    • residual output noise, TRS outputs, all levels at minimum: <-100dBu
    • residual output noise, XLR outputs: <-90dBu
    • Master Level at nominal, all Ch. Level controls at min: <-84dBu
    • Master Level and one Ch. Level at nom.: <-80dBu
    • Mic Input to Master Output, 600 ohm load: 84dB
    • Aux In to Master Output: 28dB
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE20Hz-20KHz: +0/-0.5dB
    • Between any inputs or outputs
    • 20Hz-20KHz:<-60dB
  • VU METERSTwo 5-segment LED meters: 0VU = +4dBu
  • PEAK INDICATORSPeak Clip indicator on each input channel and left and right outputs, illuminates 3dB below clipping
    • +48 VDC applied to all Mic Inputs, switchable on front panel.
    • Maximum total current draw = 80mA. Maximum single channel
    • current draw = 14mA. Gradual power-up and down to eliminate "pops".
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT13 lbs. (5.9kg) maximum
  • DIMENSIONS (WxDxH)19x9.4x1.75" (48.3x23.9x4.45)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 30 Watts
  • NOTE*unless otherwise stated, specification conditions are: 150Ω source, Input set at "-40", all other controls set at nominal, XLR output into 600Ω or greater

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