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Ashly ne8250.70 Network Power Amplifier
Ashly ne8250.70 Network Power Amplifier

Ashly ne8250.70 Network Power Amplifier

SoundPro Item: 41463
MPN: NE8250.70
MSRP: $4,049.00
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Connecting and controlling an amplifier for networked systems has now been simplified with the Ashly ne8250.70 Network Power Amplifier.

This line offers ease of use, setup and control using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Protea ne Software. No special outboard control units are needed.

Choose either 4 or 8-channel packages rated at 250W per channel, with separate hi-z and lo-z models. ne Series Amplifiers are offered in two separate platforms the standard network amplifier or a network amplifier with an on-board Protea DSP Processor.

Each can be customized for any installation by adding your choice of AES3 inputs, Dante, or a CobraNet card.

Ashly ne8250.70 Features

  • 10/100 Ethernet comes standard
  • Protēa DSP, AES3, CobraNet® and Dante® options
  • DC voltage remote gain control
  • Ethernet remote control and monitoring
  • Switch mode supply, Class-D output
  • Stepped, calibrated input attenuators
  • Remote turn on/off
  • Disable all front panel controls via software
  • Temperature-sensitive variable speed fan with side-to-front airflow
  • Selectable HPF frequencies on 25V, 70V and 100V models
  • 4-stage level meters
  • Output current and temp indicators
  • ne8250.70 network power amplifier1
  • Channels8
  • Continuous Average Power Output
    • 8 Ω: 150W
    • 4 Ω: 250W
  • Low Z Output, 8 Ω500W
  • 25V, 70V, 100V Distributed Output Models: 20Hz-20kHz 1% THD
    • 25V (per channel): 250W
    • 70V (per channel): 250W
    • 100V (per channel): 250W
  • Line Current Draw: 120VAC Mains
    • Standby Mode: 290mA
    • Idle (no signal): 565mA
    • Typical (1/8 power pink noise): 5.00A
    • Max. (1/3 power pink noise): 11.00A
  • Thermal Dissipation: BTU/hr, All Channels Driven
    • Standby Mode: 63.8
    • Idle (no signal): 187
    • Typical (1/8 power pink noise): 700
    • Max. (1/3 power pink noise): 775

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