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AtlasIED 324-15 24RU 19'' Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet
AtlasIED 324 19-Inch 24RU Opening Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet

AtlasIED 324 19-Inch 24RU Opening Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet

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MPN: 324-12
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  • AtlasIED 324-15 24RU 19'' Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet
MSRP: $1,360.99

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The AtlasIED 324 is a 19-Inch 24RU Opening Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet.

The 300 Series wall cabinets are welded with center-section depths of 12” and 15”, respectively. Basic model includes three, 16-gauge CRS sections which include a 2” deep, solid-steel front door, a 12” or 15” deep center section with adjustable mounting rails, and a

4 1⁄2” deep rear door. Panel space openings range from 7 RU to 35 RU. Enclosures are equipped with provisions for custom cabinet mounting, wire man­agement, equipment mounting, and structural support. Cabinet is finished in #962 black epoxy.

All models include adjustable front rack rails tapped 10–32, and manufactured to standard E.I.A. 1⁄2" spacing. Models with RU openings of 16RU, 24RU and 35RU are equipped with center section mounting rail supports.

Internal open raceways provide cable pathways in the cabinet. Corner brace supports, which straddle the back and side panel of the rear section (hinge side), also feature round (1 1⁄4" diameter) wire access holes for harnessing excess wire. The back face of the rear section is equipped with 1⁄4" deep boss detents which give Contractors field flexibility to install a custom plywood, aluminum, or steel sub-plate for mounting accessories inside the cabinet. Boss detents are on 12" centers and vary depending upon model height (10RU, 12RU, and 16RU models have four detents, 24RU models have six detents and 35RU models have eight detents).

The cabinets have 20 conduit knockouts on the rear section, with the exception of the 307-12 which has 16. Conduit arrays are located at the top and bottom of the back panel (except 307-12 which has a centered array), as well as on the top and bottom back flanges. Panel arrays consist of four knockouts: two 1" (25mm) standard and two 1⁄2" (13mm) / 3⁄4" (19mm) concentric. Top and bottom flange arrays are comprised of six knockouts: three 1" (25mm) standard and three 1⁄2" (13mm) / 3⁄4" (19mm) concentric.

Perforated vents, located on both sides (top and bottom) of the center section, provide ventilation for rack-mounted electronics.

The cabinets offer exceptional structural support. The units’ one- piece front and rear sections are strengthened with frame flanges on bottom, top, and sides. Center sections are plug-welded, joining bottom and top panels to side panels. Rear sections have corner brace supports which bridge the back and side panel (hinge side) giving the back (mounted) panel extra reinforcement for tension relief.

Cabinets also have electric-welded seams and miters which increases the cabinets’ overall bonding. The center section offers maximum reinforcement provisions, such as a uniquely designed center section guide plate that reduces potential sagging by distributing cabinet and equipment weight to rear section. The 11-gauge, 1 7⁄8" wide guide plate, which mounts to the rear section’s bottom flange, provides a 3⁄4" lip for added support to the center section when the cabinet is open or closed. The plate also ensures that an equipment-weighted center section will close properly, by “guiding” alignment pins into respective holes.

AtlasIED 324-15 24RU Features

  • 15" Deep Center Mounting Section
  • Adjustable Mounting Rails Provide Flexibility
  • Punched Vents Assure Heat Dissipation
  • Reinforced Frame Flanges, Plus Corner-Brace Structural Supports and Electric-Welded Seams & Miters Provide Stability for Mounted Equipment
  • Sturdy Wall-Mount Cabinet Protects Equipment and Saves Valuable Floor Space
  • Wire Management Provisions Allow Organized Wire Access
  • 324-15 24RU 19" Stand-Alone Wall Cabinet1
    • Rack Units24
    • Height45" (114.3 cm)
    • Width20 5/8" (52.39 cm)
    • Depth21 1/2" (54.61 cm)
    • Center Section Depth15"
    • Shipping Weight139 lbs (63.05 kgs)

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