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Audient NERO Desktop Monitor Controller
[DISCONTINUED] Audient NERO Desktop Monitor Controller

[DISCONTINUED] Audient NERO Desktop Monitor Controller

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Offering powerful control over your monitoring, Audient’s NERO is an excellent centerpiece for your studio. This controller features a comprehensive range of I/O, console-style monitor control, Precision Matched Attenuation Technology, and more.

A clean monitoring path is critical, requiring minimal added sound. NERO provides the cleanest monitoring path possible, essentially sounding like nothing. Precision-matched stereo volume capability perfectly matches the volume of the left and right channels of your stereo signal. You can be more confident in accurate monitoring and mixing, since this function prevents deviation in volume between monitors, and keeps a balanced stereo image.

It becomes harder to control your studio as it grows, but NERO’s many stereo inputs built it for growth. With NERO you can centralize, connect, and control all your monitoring needs from one desktop controller. Plenty of outputs are provided as well. Reference your mixes on up to three sets of speakers, and get crystal clear headphone mixes with one dedicated monitor grade headphone amp and three foldback grade headphone amps.

NERO’s assignable sub-function offers flexibility, making it easy to assign a sub to activate when switching to a monitor path of choice while still being able to switch it on and off without losing any saved presets. The sub can also be auditioned on an alternative set of speakers without being assigned permanently.

Customize your workflow as you go with Smart Touchpoints. Create monitoring combinations that suit you by holding down a Smart Touchpoint, selecting your routing options, and pressing it again to save.

Several Talkback functions are outfitted on NERO. Three input sources let you communicate with the artist quickly, and dedicated gain control is good for quick adjustments to the talkback mic so artists feel comfortable while recording. Assignable headphone selection lets you route your talkback mic to chosen headphone mixes.

In addition to all the features that are part of the NERO controller, it comes with creative software including Cubase LE, Cubasis LE for iOS, and industry-leading plugins and virtual instruments.

Audient NERO Features

  • Clean monitoring path
  • Precision matched stereo volume
  • 2 stereo inputs
  • Dedicated cue mix
  • Mini jack input
  • RCA inputs
  • Main stereo outputs
  • 2 alt stereo outputs
  • Subwoofer output
  • 4 headphone outputs
  • Assignable sub
  • Smart touchpoints
  • Console style monitor control
  • NERO Desktop Monitor Controller1
  • Balanced Line Inputs
    • Nominal Input Level: +4dBu
    • Max Input Level: +18dBu
    • CMRR: > 50dB
    • Mic EIN: -128 dBU
    • CMRR: >90dB @ 1kHz
  • Unbalanced Aux Inputs
    • Nominal Input Level: -10dBV
    • Max Input Level (minimum trim): +27dBu
    • Trim Range: +/-12dB
  • Digital Inputs
    • Inputs: TOSLINK and Coaxial
    • Format: S/PDIF
    • Sample Rates: 44.1kHz - 192kHz
    • Bit Depth: Up to 24bit
  • Talkback Inputs
    • Maximum Input Level: 2dBu
    • Gain: 4-44dB
    • Phantom Power: +48V
  • Speaker Outputs
    • Maximum Output Level: +12dBu
  • Headphone Outputs
    • Minimum Load: 12.9 Ohms
  • Performance
    • Speaker Outputs:
    • THD+N: 0.0015% 0dBu 1K Input
    • SNR: 100dBu
    • Crosstalk (Speakers): >100dB
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz ±0.5dB
    • Attenuation at Min Volume (Speaker Outputs): >110dB
  • DAC
    • THD+N: <0.0017%
    • Dynamic Range: 113dB
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz ±0.5dB
  • Headphone Outputs
    • THD+N @ 0dBu (output level)
      • 0.009%-30ohm
      • 0.009%-60ohm
      • 0.009%-600ohm
    • Peak Power Output
      • 90mW – 30ohm
      • 56mW – 60ohm
      • 7.35mW – 600ohm
      • Crosstalk: >62dB
    • Attenuation at Min Volume: >96dB
  • Power Supply12DC Center Positive DC Adapter – 2Amps
  • Weight2 kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 255 x 75 x 155 mm

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