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Audix MB8450 84" MicroBoom System
Audix MB8450 84-Inch MicroBoom System

Audix MB8450 84-Inch MicroBoom System

SoundPro Item: 41621
MPN: MB8450
MSRP: $819.00

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The MB8450 MicroBoom System from Audix includes an 84" carbon fiber boom and M1250B microphone.

The M1250B CONDENSER MICROPHONE is a miniaturized cardioid condenser microphone with a fully integrated preamp, detachable cable, and has RF immunity to prevent interference from cell phone and GSM devices. The M1250B is also available with hypercardioid, omni, or shotgun capsules, and is offered with a wide array of clips and accessories giving the microphone the unique ability to be used in a wide variety of stage, studio, and broadcast applications. The M1250B is great for:

  • Acoustic instruments
  • Ambient room miking
  • Symphonic area miking
  • Speech, Presentation
  • Cymbals, Percussion
  • Acoustic miking
  • Choral miking

Lightweight, able to attach to any microphone stand, the MICROBOOM™ is a problem solver for many hard-to-reach miking applications. The MicroBoom™ can be used with any of the microphones in the award winning Micros™ series of miniaturized condensers providing a broad selection of pick-up patterns, output levels and frequency responses. A high quality shielded cable is used internally to insure the cleanest audio signal path between the microphone and the bottom of the boom. The stand adapter offers total control over the angle, rotation and position of the carbon fiber rod by way of a flexible metal gooseneck. The MicroBoom™ provides an ultra-clean, professional and elegant appearance on stage while providing exceptional performance and portability.

The MICROBOOM System comes with an 84" carbon fiber boom, M1250B microphone, clutch assembly, 25' shielded cable and windscreen. Available in white or black finish.

Audix MBB8450 Features

  • MicroBoom
    • Clean, elegant appearance
    • Choice of capsules
    • No external power needed
    • Designed, assembled & tested in the USA
  • Microphone
    • Lightweight, small profile
    • Miniaturized preamp circuitry
    • No external power adapter needed
    • 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm
    • Immune to RF interference
  • 84" Carbon Fiber Boom1
  • M1250B Microphone1
  • Clutch Assembly1
  • CBLM25 High quality 25′ XLRm to mini XLRf Shielded Cable1
  • WS1218 External Windscreen1
  • Microphone
    • Extremely low noise, high SPL handlingTransducer Type: Condenser
    • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 19 kHz
    • Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Hypercardioid, Omni, Supercardioid
    • Output Impedance: 150 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 10 mV (C/HC), 11mV (O/S) / Pa @ 1k
    • Equivalent Noise Level: 21 dB (A-weighted)
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 73 dB
    • Maximum SPL: =140 dB
    • Dynamic Range: 119 dB
    • Power Requirements: 18-52 V
    • Connector: 3 pin mini-XLRm
    • Materials / Finish: Machined Brass / Black Finish
    • Weight: 0.56 oz (16 g)
    • Length: 2.1 inches (54 mm)
  • MicroBoom
    • Rod material: Carbon Fiber
    • Gooseneck: Flexible Steel
    • Length MicroBoom™24: 609 mm / 24 in
    • Length MicroBoom™50: 1270 mm / 50 in
    • Length MicroBoom™84: 2134 mm / 84 in
    • Diameter: 7.4 mm / .2 in
    •  Connections
      • mini-XLRm (bottom)
      • mini-XLRf (top)
    • Weight MicroBoom™24: 45 g / 1.6 oz
    • Weight MicroBoom™50: 78 g / 2.5 oz
    • Weight MicroBoom™84: 111 g / 4 oz
    • Finish: Black Finish / White Finish

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