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Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI Audio Interface
[DISCONTINUED] Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI Audio Interface

[DISCONTINUED] Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI Audio Interface

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Achieve pristine-quality sound and clarity—without the bulk or expense. Pro Tools | HD OMNI is an all-in-one preamp, I/O, and monitoring interface designed for Pro Tools | HD systems that enables you to capture every detail and nuance of a performance. Capture high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps. Connect gear to a wide array of analog and digital I/O. And monitor sessions in up to 7.1 surround—all from a compact interface that takes up just a single rack space. Plus, with its new lower price, getting great sound is even easier than ever.

Capture high-quality sound—with complete transparency and clarity—through two premium mic/DI preamps and four line inputs. Plus, thanks to state-of-the-art A/D and D/A conversion, every sonic detail and nuance of your original sources can be heard.

Hear what you've been missing

If you're familiar with our older “blue” Pro Tools | HD interfaces, your ears are in for a major treat. Experience significantly better audio fidelity, wider dynamic range, and super-low jitter thanks to sophisticated A/D and D/A conversion and a new analog front-end. Capture and play back every audio detail. Retain the warmth and presence of your original sources. And get the lowest possible latency when recording.

Track, mix, and monitor in one

With HD OMNI, you can do it all with a single rack space interface—whether you make music or create sound for picture. Capture high-quality instrument and vocal performances (with 4x8 analog or 8x8 digital support). Record overdubs, or track ADR and Foley for a soundtrack. Provide cue mixes for artists. Hear your own discrete mix. Monitor in stereo or up to 7.1 surround right from the front panel. And because there’s no need to route signals across multiple interfaces, you save both time and money.

Listen your way

Choose how you want to listen... Hear mixes in stereo or surround. Monitor through speakers or your cans. Create a personal mix for performers while listening to your own. Compare a mix on different speaker sets. And if you don't feel like launching Pro Tools, HD OMNI also functions as a persistent mixer, so you can monitor a keyboard, drum machine, or music player independently from your recording setup.

Optimize your sound

Connect your digital gear without the hassle, with built-in sample rate conversion offered on all digital inputs. Maximize your analog input signals, without any harsh clipping, with the soft clip feature. Plus, you'll be able to track hotter signals and smooth out inconsistent levels from incoming sources.

Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI Features

  • Pristine audio clarity and ultra low latency through state-of-the-art A/D and D/A conversion
  • High-quality, low-noise analog I/O: 2 premium, digitally-controlled mic/DI preamps, 4 line inputs, 8 line outputs, with true analog gain
  • Versatile digital I/O, with sample rate conversion: 8 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV), 2x8 channels of AES/EBU I/O, 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O
  • Supports 4x8 analog audio streams, or 8x8 including digital
  • Route audio independently from Pro Tools with the 14-input persistent monitor mixer
  • Completely integrates with Pro Tools | HD for full routing, mixing, and monitoring control
  • Track hotter signals and smooth out sounds with Curv, a new built-in soft-knee limiter
  • Hear your mixes in however many channels you need, from stereo to 7.1 surround
  • Improve communication while tracking with dedicated cue path
  • Keep things in sync with dedicated Word Clock and Loop Sync I/O
  • Compact 1U rack-mountable chassis
  • Connects to Pro Tools | HD through a DigiLink™ Mini connection (cable and adaptor included)
  • Pro Tools | HD OMNI Audio Interface1
  • Analog Inputs 4
  • Analog Outputs 8
  • Mic / Instrument Inputs 4 (2 simultaneous inputs at a time)
  • Mic Pre Gain 65 dB
  • Headphone Output 1
  • Monitoring Formats 7.1, 7.0, 6.1, 6.0, 5.1, 5.0, QUAD, LCRS, LCR, 2.1, Stereo, Mono
  • Speaker Selection 2 sets
  • Persistent Mixer 14 input channels to 2 multichannel monitoring paths, each with its own fold-down configuration
  • AES/EBU I/O 2 x 8
  • AES Single-Wire (192 kHz) yes
  • S/PDIF I/O2
  • ADAT I/O 8
  • S/MUX S/MUX II and IV
  • SRC AES, S/PDIF (coax RCA and Optical inputs)
  • Word Clock I/O 1 In + 1 Out
  • Loop Sync I/O 1 In + 1 Out
  • Curv Yes
  • Soft Clip Yes
  • Digital Interface DigiLink Mini
  • Chassis 1U rack-mountable chassis
  • Mic Inputs
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-.05 dB)
    • Gain Range: 65 dB
    • EIN: -128 dB
    • THD+N: -107 dB (0.00045%)
    • CMRR: -93 dB
  • Line Inputs
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-.03 dB)
    • Dynamic Range: 118 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N: -111 dB (0.00028%)
  • Line Outputs
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-.03 dB)
    • Dynamic Range: 120 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N: -108 dB (0.00039%)
    • Line Output Level / Trim: +10 dBu or +24 dBu/-40dB to +10dB (0.1dB steps)
  • Headphone Outputs
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-.03 dB)
    • Dynamic Range: 118 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N: -107 dB (0.00045%)

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Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI Audio Interface

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