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Bose CSP-428 Commercial Sound Processor
Bose CSP-428 Commercial Sound Processor

Bose CSP-428 Commercial Sound Processor

SoundPro Item: 107107
MPN: 808453-1110
MSRP: $1,500.00
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The Bose CSP-428 Commercial Sound Processor is part of a comprehensive platform that includes loudspeakers, controls, and software that help installers deliver premium sound systems efficiently. An onboard CSP configuration utility and intuitive browser-based UI provide a quick-setup workflow. Common tasks are presented in a logical manner, so you can configure the system faster, reducing installation time while increasing setup accuracy. Once installed, Bose-proprietary algorithms offer predictable performance while optional interfaces — such as ControlCenter digital zone controllers and the ControlSpace Remote app — make operation easy for end users.


  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality venues

Bose CSP-428 Features

  • Right-sized connectivity
  • CSP configuration utility
  • Rear-panel Ethernet port
  • AutoVolume compensation
  • Opti-voice paging
  • Opti-source level management
  • SmartBass processing
  • Bose AmpLink output
  • Intuitive end-user operation
  • CSP-428 commercial sound processor1
  • AC power cord1
  • Cable ties11
  • Orange Euroblock (2-pin)1
  • Black Euroblock (2-pin)1
  • Green Euroblock (3-pin)1
  • Green Euroblock (4-pin)1
  • Orange Euroblock (6-pin)1
  • Green Euroblock (9-pin)1
  • Signal Processor/CPU32-bit fixed/floating-point DSP + ARM, 456 MHz
  • Dynamic Range115 dB, A-weighted 20 Hz to 20 kHz, analog through, 600 Ω load
  • Input Channels
    • 2 analog (balanced, Mic/Line Level/Page-In)
    • 2 analog (unbalanced, RCA Line-in, summed to mono)
  • Output Channels
    • 2 analog (balanced, Line Level)
    • 8 digital (AmpLink output)

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