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BSS BLU-100 12x8 Signal Processor
BSS BLU-100 12x8 Signal Processor with BLU Link

BSS BLU-100 12x8 Signal Processor with BLU Link

SoundPro Item: 45949

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The Soundweb London BLU-100 offers a fixed configuration of 12 inputs and 8 outputs, configurable signal processing and a high bandwidth, fault tolerant digital audio bus.

The BLU-100 has open architecture which is fully configurable through HiQnet™ London Architect. A rich palette of processing and logic objects and a "drag and drop" method of configuration provide a simple and familiar design environment.

This processor features a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 48 channels which uses standard Category 5e cabling giving a distance of 100m between compatible devices. Fiber media converters can be used to increase the distance between devices to over 40km.

BSS BLU-100 Features

  • 12 Analog Inputs (with 48v Phantom Power per Channel)
  • 8 Analog Outputs
  • Configurable Signal Processing
  • Rich Palette of Processing and Logic Objects
  • 48 Channel, Low Latency, Fault Tolerant Digital Audio Bus
  • Clear Front Panel LED Indication
  • Bi-Directional Locate Functionality
  • 12 Control Inputs and 6 Logic Outputs for GPIO Integration
  • Soundweb London Interface Kit for Third Party Control System Integration (Documentation)
  • HiQnet Device
  • Configuration, Control and Monitoring from HiQnet London Architect
  • BLU-100 12x8 Signal Processor1
  • Chassis19" (single rack space)
  • Custom I/O (card based)no
  • Analog Inputs12
  • Digital Inputs0
  • AEC Inputs0
  • Analog Outputs8
  • Digital Outputs0
  • Telephone Connection0
  • Max Inputs/Outputsfixed
  • ConfigSoftware
  • LCD Displayno
  • Logic Processingyes
  • RS-232yes
  • GPIOyes
  • Signal Processing (MHz)400
  • Cobranetno
  • SWL Digital Audio Bus48
  • AVBno
  • Danteno

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