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BSS BLU-GPX General Purpose I/O Expander
BSS BLU-GPX General Purpose I/O Expander

BSS BLU-GPX General Purpose I/O Expander

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The Soundweb London BLU-GPX is a network-controlled GPIO expander which facilitates the cost-effective addition of Control Inputs, Logic Outputs, and Relays to systems requiring extra analog control/interfacing capability. The BLU-GPX features the same rich palette of Logic Objects found in other Soundweb London devices, two PoE-enabled Ethernet ports for communications and primary power, a 12VDC power connector for secondary power, a RS-232 port for compatibility with serial devices, a bank of user-configurable front panel LEDs, a user-configurable front panel LCD, a user-configurable piezo buzzer for audible indication, and locate functionality.

The BLU-GPX has 36 Control Inputs. As with the Control Inputs found on other Soundweb London devices, these Control Inputs can be connected to contact closures for controlling binary parameters, resistor ladders for controlling multi-state parameters, or potentiometers for controlling continuous parameters.

The BLU-GPX has 23 Logic Outputs. As with the Logic Outputs found on other Soundweb London devices, these Logic Outputs can be connected directly to voltage-controlled electrical components such as LEDs and relays.

The BLU-GPX has 8 integrated Relay Outputs, each with Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terminals. The Relays will open or close in response to HiQnet parameters, and they can be connected directly to resistance-controlled electrical components/circuits. These Relay Outputs reduce the need to source and deploy external relays.

The BLU-GPX has 47 Common (ground) connections. A multiplicity of Common connections results in simplified wiring to and from external equipment, reducing the need to span connections across terminal block connectors. Also provided are 12 Reference connections which facilitate 3-wire mode operation.

The BLU-GPX has open architecture which is fully configurable through HiQnet™ Audio Architect. A rich palette of logic objects and a “drag and drop” method of configuration provide a simple and familiar design environment. The device is configured, controlled, monitored, and powered via either of the two PoE-enabled Ethernet ports. The device can also be controlled and monitored via the serial port. For power source backup, an additional 12VDC connector is provided. A front panel ‘Power Supply’ LED provides convenient indication of power supply status.

On the front panel of the BLU-GPX, there are 48 software-programmable LEDs. Each LED is a multi-color indicator capable of red, green, or yellow illumination. The front panel also contains a software-programmable, monochromatic LCD with 80x16 screen resolution for text-based visual indication of user-defined events.

The BLU-GPX has a software-programmable 4 kHz piezo buzzer for audible indication of user-defined events.

A bi-directional locate function allows devices to be identified both from and within HiQnet Audio Architect.

The BLU-GPX and the other members of the Soundweb London family provide the building blocks of the perfectly tailored system solution.

This signal processor is EN 54-16 Compliant for life safety applications..

BSS BLU-GPX Features

  • 36 Control Inputs (GPI)
  • 23 Logic Outputs (GPO)
  • 8 NC/NO Relay Outputs
  • 47 Commons for Simple Wiring
  • 12 Reference Connections for 3-Wire Mode
  • 2-Wire or 3-Wire Mode Specifiable per Input Bank
  • 1 Opto-Isolator for Fault Monitoring
  • Rich Palette of Logic Objects
  • 2 PoE-Enabled Ethernet Ports for Configuration, Control, Monitoring, Primary Power, and Redundant Comms
  • 12VDC Secondary Power Connector for Power Source Backup
  • 48 User-Configurable LEDs (Front Panel)
  • User-Configurable LCD (Front Panel)
  • 4kHz Piezo Buzzer for Audible Indication
  • Bi-Directional Locate Functionality
  • BLU-GPX General Purpose I/O Expander1
  • Chassis19" (single rack space)
  • DisplayLCD and 48 User-Configurable LEDs (Front Panel)
  • ConfigSoftware
  • Logic ProcessingYes
  • RS-232Yes
  • GPIOYes
  • Relay Contacts8 NC/NO Relay Outputs
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)Yes
  • Watchdog OutputYes
  • Connectors3.5mm Phoenix/Combicon
  • Power SupplyPrimary: IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), Secondary: 12VDC, 19W external power supply

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