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Clear-Com RS-701 Single Channel Intercom Beltpack
Clear-Com RS-701 Encore Single Channel Beltpack

Clear-Com RS-701 Encore Single Channel Beltpack

SoundPro Item: 33220
MPN: RS-701
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The RS-701 is a single-channel analog beltpack that can carry power and audio through the XLR-3 line connector. Each beltpack combines high headroom, low-noise audio and shaped frequency contour (the "Clear-Com Sound") to deliver clear audio.

The RS-701 features LEDs on the top of the beltpack for visual indication of incoming and outgoing call signaling. A mic preamp enables intelligible voice communication for every volume level. Recessed rotary volume control, Talk and Call keys guard against accidental activation. The RS-701 has a low operating current to allow for more beltpacks in a daisy-chain.

Clear-Com RS-701 Features

  • Visual LED indicators on top of keypad
  • Tactile buttons for call and talk
  • Recessed rotary controls for Volume with end stops
  • Concealed, programmable DIP switches
  • Fully compatible with current and previous Clear-Com analog partyline systems
  • Low operating current for more beltpack daisy-chaining
  • Rugged and strong construction
  • "Clear-Com Sound" for intelligible audio
  • RS-701 intercom beltpack1
  • Microphone pre-amplifier
    • Frequency response: 280 – 15kHz ± 3dB
    • Microphone output to line – audio level (-50dBm electret input): -9dBm
    • Microphone output to line – distortion: <0.1%
    • Microphone output to line – signal to noise: >65dB
  • Headphone pre-amplifier
    • Frequency response - line to headphone: 150 – 20kHz ± 3dB
    • Headphone input from line – audio level (-9dBm electret input): 3.5dBm
    • Headphone input from line – distortion: <0.5%
    • Headphone input from line – signal to noise: >50dB
    • Earphone to mic – crosstalk: >80dB
    • Sidetone – adjustment range (-80db mic input): >45dB
  • Intercom line connectors(2) 3-pin XLR–M–F Ch. 1 2-Wire
  • Intercom channel
    • Pin 1: common
    • Pin 2: PL power (+28VDC)
    • Pin 3: line (audio)
    • Headset: 4-pin XLR-M
  • Headset connector
    • Pin 1: mic — (mic common)
    • Pin 2: mic+
    • Pin 3: spkr-
    • Pin 4: spkr+ (and 0.5*VCC DC, supply between Pin 4 and Pin 1)
  • Input voltage range12-30V DC
  • Input current (idle)<=12mA
  • Input current (max)<=28mA
  • Call voltage16.5V DC, 3.3V minimum voltage needed
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)3.4" x 4.5" x 1.7"

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