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ClearSonic S2224 SORBER Sound Absorption Baffle
ClearSonic S2224 SORBER Sound Absorption Baffle

ClearSonic S2224 SORBER Sound Absorption Baffle

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MSRP: $70.00
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The S2224 is the perfect combination of sound absorption and visual appeal. This 22” W x 24” L x 1.6” D Sorber sound absorption baffle is commonly used as acoustic treatment with many of ClearSonic's isolation booths. It is constructed of a lightweight rigid fiberglass panel covered in dark-grey sound absorbing fabric, making it easy to blend with your décor. And, like all Sorber products, it is effective at absorbing vibrations and sound waves to help lower reflections in a room or isolation booth. The S2224 can also be attached to walls or hung from ceilings as general acoustic treatment for your living room, classroom, conference room, or recording studio. If you need an effective solution to lower reverberations in any space, the S2224 is your ticket to ear nirvana.

1.6-inch thick SORBER sound absorption baffles outperform the industry standard 1-inch thick baffles by at least 50%, and are especially efficient at absorbing lower frequencies. SORBER baffles feature a compressed fiberglass core that is encased in a tough Velcro-receptive charcoal gray cloth and are available in free-standing, Velcro-tackable or booth lid system models. SORBER also can be attached to walls and hung from the ceiling to dramatically improve room acoustics. This 22" wide x 24" high baffle is designed to be attached to a CSP, or can be used as a wall and ceiling treatment.

All SORBER products are extremely efficient at soaking up sound and enjoy Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings greater than 90%. All SORBER products have earned the super safe Class A fire rating.

ClearSonic S2224 Features

  • 1.6" thick, 22" wide, 24" long
  • Especially efficient for absorbing lower frequencies
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient rating above 90%
  • Compressed fiberglass core encased in a tough Velcro-receptive cloth
  • Can be attached to walls or hung from the ceiling
  • Class A fire rating
  • Used as inner acoustic treatment in our isolation booths like the IsoPac A & IsoPac B
  • Great as acoustic treatment for studio, stage, House of Worship, conference rooms, classrooms, and industrial settings
  • Constructed of a lightweight rigid fiberglass panel and sound absorbing fabric
  • Velcro receptive
  • 1.00 overall NRC rating
  • S2224 SORBER sound absorption baffle1
  • Velcro strips4
  • Sorber Features
    • Proprietary 1.6” thick rigid fiberglass core - provides superior sound absorption compared to acoustic foam and other fiberglass baffles. Allows panels to free stand (S2466x2), lay on top of an acrylic shield (LidPacs), or acoustically treat both walls and ceilings.
    • Velcro-receptive acoustic fabric jacket – provides another layer of sound absorption and allows Sorber baffles to attach to acrylic material or other Sorber baffles with Velcro.
    • Sewn seams – fabric jacket fully covers inner fiberglass. No glue is used and there is no exposed fiberglass.
  • Dimensions22” W x 24”L Sorber sound absorption baffle provides 3 square feet of coverage

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