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ClearSonic SL7266 3-Section SORBER LidPac
ClearSonic SL7266 3-Section SORBER LidPac

ClearSonic SL7266 3-Section SORBER LidPac

SoundPro Item: 74499
MPN: SL7266
MSRP: $530.00
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The SL7266 is ClearSonic's best-selling LidPac and includes three Sorber absorption panels and one support bar for stability. The LidPac is supported in front by resting on top of the acrylic drum shield panels and in the rear by resting on the support bars. Similar to the SL7248, the SL7266 3-Section SORBER LidPac extends a full 66 inches deep for maximum sound reduction. There is one center rectangular panel measuring 2’ W x 5.5’ L and two outside angled panels measuring 2’ W x 5.5’ L that provide 6’ of width coverage by 5.5’ of depth coverage. If headroom in your isolation booth is a concern when adding a LidPac, consider including one of our AX Height Extender systems to boost the height. Additionally, a fan will help keep things cool.

If you need to increase the height of your ClearSonic booth before adding on the LidPac, install one of the AX Height Extender systems.

More about ClearSonic's SORBER LidPacs

Are your drums too loud? In many cases, adding a drum shield and even Sorber sound absorption baffles around your drum kit will only isolate and lower volume so much. Adding a ClearSonic LidPac on top of your isolation booth will reduce sound that would escape up and out of your booth to keep volume at reasonable levels and help lower external noise to keep your isolated mic signals as clean and clear as possible. This is particularly useful in rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces where sound wave reflections can get out of hand. LidPacs are included with most of ClearSonic IsoPac isolation booths but are also sold separately in case you need to add to your existing set up. And not only are they an effective solution to lower volume, they are portable, durable, and easy to set up and take down.

ClearSonic LidPacs are designed to substantially reduce sound that would normally escape up and out of the booth so are especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings. LidPacs are portable, durable, cost effective, and simple to set up and take own. Systems consist of rectangular center sections and a pair of trapezoid-shaped side sections.

ClearSonic SL7266 Features

  • Compatible with your ClearSonic isolation booth setup
  • Great for studio, stage, and House of Worship
  • Constructed of lightweight rigid fiberglass panels and sound absorbing fabric
  • Helps reduce sound that would escape up and out of an isolation booth
  • Fits the IsoPac B, IsoPac E, and IsoPac I isolation booths
  • 1.00 overall NRC rating
  • S2466 SORBER Sound Absorption Baffle1
  • ST2466 SORBER Sound Absorption Baffle2
  • BAR1
  • Sorber Features
    • Proprietary 1.6” thick rigid fiberglass core - provides superior sound absorption compared to acoustic foam and other fiberglass baffles. Allows panels to free stand (S2466x2) or lay on top of an acrylic shield (LidPacs).
    • Velcro-receptive acoustic fabric jacket – provides another layer of sound absorption and allows Sorber baffles to attach to acrylic material or other Sorber baffles with Velcro.
    • Sewn seams – fabric jacket fully covers inner fiberglass. No glue is used and there is no exposed fiberglass.
  • Dimensions
    • Panels measure: (1)S2466 – 24” W x 66” L, (2)ST2466 - Angled 24” W x 66” L
    • The aluminum telescoping support bar extends from 60-96”

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