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IK Multimedia Z-Tone DI
IK Multimedia Z-Tone DI

IK Multimedia Z-Tone DI

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Z-TONE™ DI is a premium active direct box packed with unique tone-shaping features. Whether you want more flexible routing on-stage or superior tone shaping in the studio, Z-TONE DI borrows the input circuits from our award-winning AXE I/O interface to let you do a whole lot more, and sound better doing it. Z-TONE DI preserves the natural tone of your instrument with exceptional headroom and transient response, and gives you powerful sound-shaping options. First, an active/passive pickup switch with adjustable input gain lets you easily dial in exactly the right input level for your axe. Next, choose from PURE and JFET input channels to give you more tonal options. PURE is a completely transparent and colorless preamp that won't color your sound, while JFET offers a Class A JFET to add subtle midrange focus and warmth. Z-TONE DI also offers our patent-pending variable impedance control, letting you dial in impedance from 1 MOhm to 2.2 kOhms to shape your sound In unique ways. At the maximum impedance, you'll find your sound tighter, sharper and more precise. Increase the load and the sound becomes thicker and more bold.

IK Multimedia Z-Tone Features

  • Active/Passive pickup selector
  • PURE channel for transparent sound
  • JFET channel adds warmth & harmonics
  • Z-TONE variable impedance control creates
  • a wide range of tones
  • 20 dB pad for extended operating range
  • Balanced & unbalanced outputs
  • Link out splits signal to amps & pedals
  • Ground lift switch eliminates buzz & hum
  • Rugged, stage-ready metal housing
  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Z-Tone DI1
  • Audio Circuit TypeActive/Passive
  • I/O Gain Unitary, from 1/4” input JACK to both 1/4” and XLR outputs when GAIN is at 0dB and Z-TONE at the SHARP position.
  • Gain Range From -8dB to +8dB
  • Input impedance - Z-TONE set on PASSIVE mode Variable from 1MΩ down to 2.2kΩ
  • Input impedance - Z-TONE set on ACTIVE mode Approx 20kΩ
  • Output impedance, unbalanced out 56Ω
  • Output impedance, balanced out 600Ω
  • Max input level before clipping +13dBm when powered by 48V phantom,+9dBm when powered by 9V battery
  • PAD -20dB
  • Dynamic Range better than 114dB(A) for both outputs, input gain at 0dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion, balanced output, 1kHz, +4dBm input 0.0033% (PURE), 0.2% (JFET)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion, unbalanced output, 1kHz, +4dBm input 0.00055% (PURE), 0.2% (JFET)
  • Frequency response from 5Hz to 30kHz -1dB
  • Phase deviation 0° +/-10° from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Power
    • Phantom power: +48V phantom on Balanced output
    • Battery power: 9V (not included)
    • Current consumption from P48 phantom power source: 6.5mA
  • Dimensions
    • Size: 5.39x6.22x1.77 inches (13.7x15.8x4.5cm)
    • Weight: 33.56oz (950g)

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