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Waves TBS10 Renaissance Bass Plugin
Waves TBS10 Renaissance Bass Plugin

Waves TBS10 Renaissance Bass Plugin

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The industry’s favorite plugin for delivering a richer, deeper low end that translates even on small playback systems. A tried-and-true workhorse for countless Grammy-winning engineers.

When you need your bass to be heard even on a laptop or mobile device, Renaissance Bass is your best friend. Using Waves’ patented MaxxBass® psychoacoustic technology, R-Bass accurately reproduces low-frequency content on playback systems that cannot physically handle these signals. This is achieved by the creation of harmonics of the fundamental, which fool the brain into perceiving bass frequencies that are not actually there.

With a simple, user-friendly interface—just 3 controls for frequency tuning, intensity and output gain—R-Bass makes it quick and easy to dial in a punchy bass sound that will sound great on systems of all sizes.

Note: This is a non-refundable digital download.

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