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Dynacord IPX10:8 DSP Power Amplifier
Dynacord IPX10:8 DSP Power Amplifier

Dynacord IPX10:8 DSP Power Amplifier

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SoundPro Item: 11834
MPN: IPX10:8
MSRP: $10,958.00
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The IPX series from Dynacord, heard in stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and houses of worship, delivers high-power, multi channel amplification for fixed install applications with the added touch of sophisticated speaker processing. Featuring smart Eco Mode, digitally controlled interleaved PFC supply, comprehensive fallback options, and integrated DSP, the IPX series can run in 48 kHz or true 96 kHz (including FIR Drive). Operate each channel individually in low impedance mode or 70 V/ 100 V Direct Drive Mode, or bridge to 140 V/ 200 V Direct Drive for greater expansion to drive all kinds of loudspeakers. Besides analog inputs, Dante, and OCA via OMNEO, network inputs are available. Fully integrated with IRIS-NET, local control and supervision are simple with the front panel OLED display. The IPX Series streamlines the needs of your fixed install system.

Dynacord IPX10:8 Features

  • 8 x 1250 W multi-channel installation DSP amplifier with digitally controlled PFC supply
  • Fully integrated DSP with high-resolution 96 kHz processing and FIR Drive
  • Dante and OCA integration via OMNEO with fallback options
  • Parallel, bridged and parallel-bridged drive modes with 70/100V/140V/200V and low impedance operation
  • High efficiency Eco Rail technology for lower operating costs
  • IPX10:8 DSP power amplifier1
  • 8-pin Euroblock-type connectors2
  • 6-pin Euroblock-type connectors4
  • 8-pin Euroblock-type connector1
  • M6x20 screws4
  • Mains power connector1
  • Max. Output Power
    • 2Ω: 1250W
    • 2.7Ω: 1250W
    • 4Ω: 2500W
    • 8Ω: 2500W
  • Direct Drive Mode Nominal Voltage
    • 2Ω: 70V
    • 2.7Ω: 100V
  • Voltage Gain
    • Low-Z mode, ref.1 kHz: 32.0 dB, adjustable 20.0-44.0 dB
    • Direct Drive mode: 33.2/36.2/39.2/42.2 dB for 70/100/140/200 V
  • Input Sensitivity
    • Low-Z mode, Max. Output Voltage: 10.7 dBu (2.66 V), adjustable -1.3-22.7 dBu
    • Direct Drive Mode: 6 dBu (1.55 V), fixed
  • THD (3 dB below max, AES17, 1 kHz)<0.05%
  • DIM 100 (3.15 kHz, 15 kHz)<0.15%
  • IMD-SMPTE (60Hz, 7kHz)<0.05%
  • Crosstalk (ref. 1 kHz, 12 dB below Max, 8 Ω)<-80dB
  • Frequency Response (ref. 1 kHz, analog in to speaker out)20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
  • Damping Factor (20 Hz to 200 Hz, 8Ω)>400
  • Output Stage TopologyClass D, fixed frequency
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Amplifier
    • A-Weighted Analog Input: 112dB
    • A-Weighted Digital Input: 115dB
  • Output Noise
    • A-Weighted, Analog Input: < -70 dBu
    • A-Weighted, Digital Input: < -73 dBu
  • Connectivity
    • Analog Audio Input/Thru
      • Type: 4 x 6-pin Euroblock, male
      • Max. Input Level: +21dBu
      • Input Impedance (active balanced): 20kΩ
      • Reference Level Equal to Digital Input: +21dBu for 0dBFS
    • Speaker Output: 2 x 8-pin Euroblock, 6 mm, female
  • Power Consumption
    • Rated Power Consumption: 1300W
    • 1/8 Max. Output Power at 4Ω: 1780W
    • Idle Mode (no input signal): 105W
    • Standby Mode: <18W
  • Sampling Rate48 kHz/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante synchronized
  • Signal Delay/Latency (analog in to speaker out, 48kHz/96kHz)0.70ms/0.53ms
  • Dante Network Latencytyp. 1.00 ms
  • Signal Processing
    • User EQ: 2 filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, LoShelv, Hi-Shelv, Lo-ShelvQ, Hi-ShelvQ, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass and Notch; 2 filters of them with additional asymmetric filter type
    • User Delay: 0 to 2000 ms per channel (units: µs, ms, s, cm, m, inches, feet)
    • Array EQ: filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, LoShelv, Hi-Shelv, Lo-ShelvQ, Hi-ShelvQ, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, and All-Pass
    • Array Delay: 0 to 500 ms per channel (units: µs, ms, s, cm, m, inches, feet)
    • Speaker EQ: 10 filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, LoShelv, Hi-Shelv, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass and All-Pass
    • Speaker X-Over: Hi-Pass, and Lo-Pass per channel, 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB Bessel/Butterworth, 12/24/48 dB Linkwitz-Riley; Alignment Delay, 0 to 20 ms per channel
    • Speaker FIR: up to 1025 taps, Linear Phase Filter, Linear Phase Brickwall X-Over
    • Speaker Limiters: Peak Anticipation Limiter and RMS/TEMP Limiter per channel
    • Other Functions: Source Selection and Mix, Level, Mute, Polarity, Sine and Noise Generator, Pilot Tone Generator and Detection, Level Meters, Impedance Measurement and Load Monitoring
  • Memory
    • DSP Presets: 1 Factory + 20 User
    • Speaker-Pool Presets: 30 Speaker Settings
  • Source Supervision and FallbackPilot Tone supervision at Analog and OMNEO/ Dante inputs, switchover to alternative Source Selection
  • Connectivity
    • Network
      • Type: 2x Neutrik EtherCON/RJ45, redundant PRIMARY/SECONDARY
      • General: 1000base-T/100base-TX, integrated switch
      • Network Audio Inputs: 8 channels, 48/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante format
      • Network Audio Outputs (monitor): 2 channels, 48/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante format
    • Mains Input: 1 x Neutrik powerCON-HC
    • GPIO Control Port
      • Type: 1 x 8-pin Euroblock, male
      • Ports and Operating Modes: 3x GPIO, switchable Analog In/Digital In/Digital Out
      • Analog Input Range: 0 V to +13 V, 40 kΩ input resistance
      • Digital Input Limits: 1.5V (on), 2.0V (off; internal pull up 10kΩ)
      • Digital Outputs: output switched to GND max 200mA (on), open collector 40kΩ to gnd (off)
      • Reference Voltage Output: +10 V, max. 200 mA, supervised, short circuit protected
      • READY/FAULT contact: galvanic isolated relay, max. 30 VDC/500 mADC
  • User Interface
    • Display: black/white OLED 256 x 64 pixel
    • Front Panel Indicators: 4 x status LEDs (POWER, STANDBY, FAULT, OMNEO)
    • Front Panel Operating Elements: 3 buttons (UP, ENTER, DOWN)
    • Rear Panel Indicators: 1x status LED (STATUS)
    • Rear Panel Operating Elements: mains switch
  • Power Requirements100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz AC
  • Power Supply TopologySwitching Mode Power Supply with digital controlled Power Factor Correction
  • ProtectionsAudio Limiters, High Temperature, DC, HF, Short Circuit, Back-EMF, Peak Current Limiters, Inrush Current Limiters, Turn-on Delay, Mains Circuit Breaker Protection, Mains Over-/Under voltage Protection
  • Coolingfront-to-rear, temperature controlled fans, supervised
  • Ambient Temperature Limits5 °C to +40 °C (+40 °F to +105 °F)
  • IEC Protection ClassClass I, grounded
  • Electromagnetical EnvironmentE1, E2, E3
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)19.02" x 3.47" x 20.24"
  • Weight37.1 pounds

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Dynacord IPX10:8 DSP Power Amplifier

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