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Shure BLX2/B58 Handheld Transmitter


Shure BLX® Wireless Systems provide a great option for making yourself mobile while speaking. Handheld wireless microphones are often used when multiple people need to be miked for short periods of time, or when you need one mike source for multiple unknown people, such as in a Q&A session. Well-suited for speaking applications, the BLX2/B58 handheld is also a favorite among singers. Whether using as a handheld or in a microphone stand, this wireless microphone is perfect for quick and easy use.

Durability is an important feature in handheld microphone systems. The hardened steel mesh grille over the microphone cartridge protects against damage from sweat drips to mic drops. Even with the protections built into the microphone’s rugged construction, the mic is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Compatible with BLX4 and BLX4R receivers, this handheld microphone can be used up to 300 feet away (line of sight) from the receiver. Two AA batteries power the handheld mic for up to 14 hours of continuous use. Power on/off and group and channel buttons are all on the handheld transmitter. In addition to changing frequency with the group and channel buttons, the channel button can adjust gain setting.

Legendary audio performance is the standard with each system available in the Shure BLX® series. Dynamic vocal microphone cartridge BETA 58A® is integrated for refined vocal production. Its supercardioid pattern isolates the desired sound, and a neodymium magnet provides higher output levels. Both the supercardioid pattern and neodymium magnet create excellent rejection of unwanted background noise even at high volume levels. Lead and background vocals stand out in the mix with this microphone’s brightened midrange and bass roll-off.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

Handheld Transmitter Features

  • Quick and easy frequency matching
  • 10dB of gain adjustment
  • Lightweight, rugged construction
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Transmission radius up to 300' (line of sight) from the receiver
  • Reviews

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