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Juice Goose CQ1515 15A Power Distributor
Juice Goose CQ1515 15A Power Distributor

Juice Goose CQ1515 15A Power Distributor

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SoundPro Item: 23623
MPN: CQ 1515
MSRP: $555.00
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This is a great product for applications where AC power protection is needed for several pieces of equipment that need to be controlled and sequenced. The CQ-1515 has a fifteen amp capacity. In addition to sequenced activation and remote control, it provides superior AC line conditioning and surge protection for sensitive electronic audio, video and data processing equipment.

The CQ-1515 is a single space rack mount device featuring 7 AC power outputs on the rear of the chassis with a combined rating of 15 amps. One output is unswitched. The remaining 6 outputs are grouped into 3 Power Pods of two outputs each. Each Power Pod is an individual sequence event. All outputs have Juice Goose quality surge and spike protection and line noise filtration.

Because the CQ-1515 has a self contained sequencing circuit, it can be the master or slave in a power sequencing system. Eight wire RJ-45 cable can be connected to this unit's Signal Input and/or Signal Output connectors to link it's operations with other CQ or control devices.

This product features LEDs on the front of the chassis for real time monitoring of the processor and sequencing functions. A green flashing LED indicates the continuing operation of the processor that controls and drives the sequencer. Individual red LEDs are tied to the output of each of the relays. Each LED lights when its relay latches. The LED can only be on when the relay is latched.

The CQ-1515 provides AC line protection across hot, neutral and ground with a multi-stage line filter and a three way surge protection matrix.

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