Denon DN-474A 2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier

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Denon DN-474A 2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier
Denon DN-474A 2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier

The DN-474A 2x2-Channel Dual-Impedance Amplifier is designed for contractor/install market applications which specify installed speaker systems requiring 70V/100V inputs, and has the added flexibility of handling lo-impedance loads (4Ω/8Ω). The amplifier is split so that two channels handle the lo-impedance speakers, while two channels take care of the 70V/100V speaker runs. This very versatile, one rack space amplifier has built-in short circuit protection - and LED indicators for signal present, clipping status and thermal interruption on the front panel. Engineered for the distribution of multiple 70V/100V speaker systems over long cable runs - such as in-ceiling speakers, surface-mount speakers and paging horns, and also for shorter runs to lo-impedance speakers.

Amplifier Features

  • 4-Channel Class-D amplifier
  • 2 X 120 Watts with 70V/100V outputs
  • 2 X 150/90 Watts with 4/8-ohm loads
  • Euroblock inputs and outputs
  • Separate gain controls for each channel
  • Signal, clipping and thermal interruption indicators
  • Short-circuit and open-circuit protection
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -