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Whirlwind Qbox-AES Multipurpose Tester
[DISCONTINUED] Whirlwind Qbox-AES Multipurpose Tester

[DISCONTINUED] Whirlwind Qbox-AES Multipurpose Tester

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The Whirlwind Qbox-aes is a multipurpose testing device for troubleshooting digital AES-3, S/PDIF and analog audio signals. The Qbox-aes is composed of two sections; the Send section and the Receive/Monitor section. A Test Mode switch selects Analog or AES testing operation. In AES test mode the Receive section consists of the LED sample rate indicators and the decoder that converts the digital signal into analog for the Speaker and the Line/Phones monitor. The digital Send section converts a choice of analog input signals into AES-3 professional and S/PDIF digital format and delivers them to the output connectors through Send Level and Sample Rate controls. An AES Function switch determines how the AES testing occurs. The Send/Receive test operates as described above and the Inline Monitor position allows the Qbox-aes to be inserted inline in an AES stream for real time monitoring.

In Analog test mode the Qbox-aes is similar in operation to the Whirlwind Qbox. The XLR connectors are used to send and receive analog audio signals. Mic, Oscillator and Aux signals are controlled by the Send level control and sent out the male XLR. The female XLR receives analog input and delivers it to the Speaker through the Volume control. A three position switch allows the selection of a balanced input or unbalanced pin 2 or pin 3 to be monitored separately and Phantom LEDS indicate the presence of phantom power at the male XLR.

Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries or the included wall power supply (model # PS6).

Whirlwind Qbox-AES Features

  • Tests both AES digital and analog signals
  • Transmit and Receive sections can be used independently or can be set to "In Line Monitor" where the Qbox-aes is acting like a repeater
  • Send/Receive Test Mode allows the operator to pass the digital signal through a cable and back into the Qbox-aes to verify cable integrity and bandwidth capability
  • Operates with battery or wall adapter power
  • Qbox-AES Multipurpose Tester1
  • "Receive" Section
    • Receives and identifies 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, and 192 kHz sample rates
    • Converts AES digital to analog and outputs the analog via built in speaker or Line/Phones Monitor jack
    • Listen to individual A and B streams or summed together through the speaker
  • "Send" Section
    • Transmits 48k, 96k and 192kHz.
    • Generate AES digital from analog Line In jack, built in dual tone generator or built in condenser microphone
    • LEDs indicate reference output level
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)unit size 8x4.5x2.8", (shipping size 11x5x3.5")
  • Weight (lbs)unit 1.5, (shipping 2.5)

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