MEYER LEO-M Line Array Loudspeaker

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MEYER LEO-M Line Array Loudspeaker
MEYER LEO-M Line Array Loudspeaker
UNLEASH THE POWER OF LINEARITY: Experience LEO—the Meyer Sound flagship line array system that remains linear and predicable across all frequencies and at very high sound levels.
THE SONIC DETAIL OF STUDIO MONITORS AT LARGE CONCERTS: The system’s impressive transparency allows the audience to hear each instrument—vocals, bass, sax, drums, guitar—simultaneously and transparently, without one element coloring the others.
TAILOR THE SOUND TO YOUR LIKING: When the tonality of your system stays consistent, you are free to create any desired effects upstream with plugins and know that your subtle enhancements will be reproduced accurately.
A SYSTEM THAT PLAYS NO FAVORITES: An inherently multipurpose system that is equally suited to classical music, heavy metal, electronic dance music, or anything in between.
SELF-POWERED ADVANTAGE: Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.