Roland M-5000 80x32 Digital Mixing System

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Roland M-5000 80x32 Digital Mixing System
Roland M-5000 80x32 Digital Mixing System

The Roland M-5000 console's internal mix architecture is not fixed and can be freely defined within a range of up to 128 input/output channels/busses. This allows you to essentially "build" a console structure based on the immediate needs of the application. This makes for a console that accommodates high levels of flexibility for precise response to dynamically changing applications and venues.

Package Includes:
  • M-5000 Live Mixing Console
  • 2 x S-3208 Digital Snakes

  • Set three inputs per channel with full backup support
  • Mono/stereo-settable input/output channels
  • Dynamics and EQ sections that permit reordering
  • Dynamics, Equalizer, and signal delay for both inputs and outputs
  • A Channel Link function that allows up to 12 Group settings
  • Main Out supports 5.1 surround, LCR, and LR. Built-in surround panning and stereo downmix
  • Monitor output supporting 5.1-channel surround
  • Built-in Sub-Group bus
  • Mix-Minus function
  • 24 DCAs
  • 8 MUTE groups
  • 8 stereo multi-effects
  • Two selectable Solo systems
  • Solo In Place function
  • 32 graphic and parametric equalizers
  • Two audio analyzers
  • System layout using the built-in REAC master/slave modes
  • External control using GP I/O
  • Talkback settings for up to 3 locations
  • A variety of built-in control interfaces, including RS-232C, MIDI, and Remote
  • Support for word clock input and output