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ADJ UC IR Remote
ADJ UC IR Remote

ADJ UC IR Remote

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SoundPro Item: 27239
MSRP: $19.95
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Infrared remote control for Inno Pocket Spot, Inno Pocket Spot Pearl, Inno Pocket Wash, Inno Pocket Scan, Inno Pocket Roll, Inno Pocket Fusion, Inno Pocket Spot Twins, Inno Pocket Beam Q4, LED UV Go and Pinspot LED Pro.

ADJ UC IR Remote Features

  • STAND BY - Pressing this button will blackout the fixture. Press the button again to return to the initial state
  • FULL ON - Hold this button down to fully light up the unit. When you let the button go, the unit will return to its previous state
  • FADE/GOBO - Control fade or GOBO (depending on the fixture)
  • "DIMMER +" and "DIMMER -" - Use the buttons to adjust the output intensity
  • STROBE - Press and hold this button for strobing
  • COLOR - Press this button to activate color mode. Use buttons 1-5 to select your desired color
  • 1- 9 BUTTONS - Use buttons 1-9 to select your desired color when color mode is active or your desired show when show mode is active
  • SOUND ON & OFF - Use the buttons to activate and deactivate sound active mode
  • SHOW 0 - Press this button to select Show 0. Use buttons 1-9 to select Shows 1-9. Press the Show 0 button twice to run Show 10, and press button 1 twice to run show 11
  • ADJ UC IR Remote1
  • Battery Specifications
    • Battery Type: Lithium Battery (CR2025)
    • Battery Energy: 0.45WH (Watt Hours)
    • Battery Weight: 2.5g
    • Battery Voltage: 3V
    • Battery Capacity: 150mAh
    • Total Lithium Ion Cells: 1pc

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ADJ UC IR Remote

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