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RDL RU-ASX4D Stereo Audio Selector
RDL RU-ASX4D Stereo Audio Selector

RDL RU-ASX4D Stereo Audio Selector

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The RU-ASX4D is a four channel stereo audio selector with input gain adjustments and output level metering. The inputs and outputs are connected on rear-panel detachable terminal blocks.

Each of the four stereo line level inputs accepts either a balanced or an unbalanced signal. Each input is equipped with a rear panel screwdriver-adjustable input gain trimmer. Input signal levels between -15 dBV and +8 dBu may be set to the proper operating level as indicated by a stereo dual-LED VU meter. This assures ample headroom at all normal operating levels. The module is equipped with two identical dual-led VU meters, one on the front panel, the other on the rear panel. The maximum input level is +25 dBu.

The RU-ASX4D was designed for absolute silent switching of audio signals using only solid-state switching circuitry.

The output is stereo line level. Each output channel may be connected balanced or unbalanced. Each of the VU-meters, left and right, is calibrated to read +4 dBu for the corresponding balanced output.

A front-panel LOCAL/REMOTE switch enables either the front-panel buttons or the rear-panel remote control terminals provided on detachable terminal blocks. In the LOCAL mode, four keyboard style long-life pushbuttons on the front panel are used to select one input. When a button is pushed, the corresponding audio input is fed to the output and any previously selected source is shut off. Only one source may be selected at a time. If the button for a selected source is pushed again, all inputs are turned off. An LED above each pushbutton indicates the selected source. In the REMOTE mode, inputs are selected by a sequential remote control such as an RDL D-RCS4, by a momentary remote control such as an RDL D-RC4M or by an external open-collector momentary closure to ground. The RU-ASX4D may be remote controlled from a single or from multiple locations. When a source is selected, the RU-ASX4D provides a 25 mA open-collector output to control other equipment or modules.

Rear-panel DIP switches are provided to permanently activate the remote control terminals, to select the remote control mode (sequential or individual source selection), and upon power-up a return to either a pre-programmed source or to the last source used. The pre-programmed source is stored when the module is installed.

The RU-ASX4D offers exceptional headroom, very low distortion, excellent crosstalk isolation, wide flat frequency response and extremely low noise with very high common-mode signal rejection. It provides exceptional audio performance for the most critical applications in a professional audio environment.

The RU-ASX4D operates from 24 Vdc connected through a rear-panel detachable terminal block.

RDL RU-ASX4D Features

  • Local or Remote Controlled Switching
  • Multiple Switching Control Points
  • 4 Stereo Inputs to 1 Stereo Output
  • Line-Level Audio Switching
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Inputs and Output
  • Gain Trim on Each Source
  • Controllable Using Various RDL Remote Controls
  • Open-Collector Output for Selected Input
  • RU-ASX4D Stereo Audio Selector1
  • Audio Inputs (4)Stereo, Line level on Detachable Terminal Block
  • Input Impedance> 20 kΩ balanced, >10 kΩ unbalanced
  • Input Level (for +4 dBu output)-15 dBV to +8 dBu, adjustable on rear-panel trimmers
  • Maximum Input Level+25 dBu
  • Common Mode Rejection> 60 dB (50 Hz to 120 Hz)
  • Headroom (above +4 dBu)> 20 dB (unity gain)
  • Frequency Response10 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.2 dB)
  • Distortion (THD + N)< 0.01% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Noise (below +4 dBu)< -85 dB (with any input selected); < -95 dB (with no input selected)
  • Off Attenuation> 85 dB (1 kHz), > 70 dB (20 kHz)
  • Crosstalk< -85 dB (1 kHz); < -65 dB (20 kHz)
  • Front-Panel SwitchesMomentary pushbuttons (4, 1 per input), LOCAL/REMOTE latching pushbutton
  • Front-Panel Indicators (11)Power, Selected channel (4), LOCAL/REMOTE selector (2), L and R Dual-LED VU meters (4)
  • Audio OutputStereo, Line level on Detachable Terminal Block
  • Output Impedance150 Ω balanced, 75 Ω unbalanced
  • Output Level+4 dBu balanced, unbalanced output 6 dB below balanced output level
  • Control inputs (5)1 mA, pulled to ground (4, source selection); 1 mA, pulled to +15 Vdc (SEL)
  • Control outputs (5)25 mA, open-collector to ground
  • Rear-Panel Indicators (4)L and R Dual-LED VU meters
  • RDL Remote Control CompatibilityD-RC4M, D-RCS4
  • Power ConnectionDetachable Terminal Block
  • Power Requirement24 Vdc @ 150 mA, Ground-referenced
  • Ambient Operating Environment0° C to 55° C
  • WEEE Weight1.26 lbs
  • Shipping Weight1.515 lbs

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RDL RU-ASX4D Stereo Audio Selector

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