Elation Platinum Spot 35 PRO

Elation Platinum Spot 35 PRO
Elation Platinum Spot 35 PRO
Part of the PLATINUM Series

The new Platinum Spot 35 PRO features the MSR Platinum 35, 800-watt lamp from Phillips™, 16-bit resolution on all motor functions, 2 gobo wheels with a total of 12 interchangeable glass rotating / indexing gobos, variable CMY & CTO color mixing, a static dichroic color wheel with 8 interchangeable colors (including UV), 3 facet rotating / indexing prism, frost filter, motorized focus / zoom system with an 8° to 50° range, rotating / indexing animation wheel effect, pan/tilt lock, built-in EWDMX wireless DMX receiver, 3 & 5pin DMX connections, full color 180° reversible menu display with 6 button touch control panel, battery backup for display power, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

  • 540°/630° Pan
  • 245° Tilt
  • Pan/Tilt Lock
  • 8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
  • Motorized Focus
  • 7 Auto Program Macros
  • 6 Button Touch Control Panel
  • Full Color 180° Reversible Menu Display
  • EWDMX Wireless DMX Receiver
  • Microphone for Sound Activated Programs
  • Rechargeable Backup Battery for Menu Display
  • Stand Alone Operation with Master/Slave Function
  • Software Upload via Optional External DMX Accessary