ClearSonic IsoPac C Drum Shield (Dark Gray)

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ClearSonic IsoPac C Drum Shield (Dark Gray)
ClearSonic IsoPac C Drum Shield (Dark Gray)
IsoPac C features a 5-panel CSP in the front. Adhesive Velcro strips are used to attach the S2 SORBER baffles to the inside lower portion. Three S5-2 SORBER baffles complete the enclosure and soak up reflected sounds in the rear.

Since the top is open, it is difficult to determine the exact amout of sound reduction. Reduction will depend on room construction and drum set-up. The IsoPac C will be more effective in a room with low ceilings and acoustic treatment, than it would be in a room that is large and has a lot of hard surfaces. In either case, the IsoPac C will greatly reduce stage volume, allowing everyone to play at a more reasonable volume.

The IsoPac C is modular, and can be easily converted into an IsoPac A or B in the future if needed.
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