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dB Technologies DRK-M5 Fly Bar
dBTechnologies DRK-M5 Fly Bar

dBTechnologies DRK-M5 Fly Bar

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SoundPro Item: 30137
MSRP: $875.00
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The dBTechnologies DRK-M5 Fly Bar is the hanging bar specifically designed for lifting DVA Mini systems. Thanks to the quick-locking system, it can greatly speed up the assembly of DVA MINI systems with huge time savings.

It is equipped with a front plastic cover with the same elegant curvature of the DVA Mini Series speakers. It completely covers all metal parts of the fly-bar, creating a very nice look that makes these audio systems perfectly adaptable to any environment.

The DRK-M5 kit, in addition to the flybar, includes one fixing pin, one M5x30mm screw and a M5 flanged nut as security locking system of the first M2M, M2S or MS12 module hooked to the bar.

dB Technologies DRK-M5 Features

  • Compatible with DVA M2M+M2S, M2P, and MS12
  • Can hang binding loads up to 881.85 pounds (400kg) (maximum weight depends on attachment point of lifting hook)
  • Clean aesthetic and discreet look
  • Innovative fast-lock mechanism for extremely simple rigging process
  • Flybar1
  • Fixing pin1
  • M5x30mm screw1
  • M5 flanged nut1
  • Maximum load
    • Lifting hook position 1: 661.39 pounds (300kg)
    • Lifting hook positions 2-11: 881.85 pounds (400kg)
    • Lifting hook positions 12-17: 440.93 pounds (200kg)
  • Weight6.4 pounds (2.9 kg)

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