Renkus-Heinz CFX42 Stairstep Speakers

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Renkus-Heinz CFX42 Stairstep Speakers
Renkus-Heinz CFX42 Stairstep Speakers
Sound that makes performances and audiences truly come alive doesn't come easy. But CF/CFX Series loudspeakers put the power of unique Renkus-Heinz developments to work for you. Versatile enclosure designs, go-anywhere hardware and rugged construction help solve your sound reinforcement challenges easily and quickly.

Every CF/CFX Series loudspeaker is engineered by Renkus-Heinz to unrivaled standards of quality and innovation. Before we'll ship them, your loudspeakers have to meet our exacting requirements for performance that will make you proud and durability that will keep you sounding great.

  • Developed specifically for in-wall mounting in stair risers and stage lips.
  • Ideal for many side and front fill applications; mounts inconspicuously in walls or ceilings, under and over balconies, etc.
  • Foreground music systems in shopping malls, retail stores, offices, Etc.