RCF CX15N351 Coaxial

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RCF CX15N351 Coaxial
RCF CX15N351 Coaxial
This CX15N351 is designed to provide an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion.

This coaxial use a strongest unique neodymium magnetic structure that guarantee high dynamic and sensitivity for both components. The mid-bass section use a 3,5” voice coil design provides a very high power handling, especially recommended in comparison to a standard 3" voice coil, demodulation ring get a fastest time response and lower distortion .The compression driver use a 2.5-inch diaphragm with a 1.4 inch throat featuring several state of the art technologies. The diaphragm and suspension are formed from 0.05mm thick pure titanium. The unique magnetic structure allow to get a single point source that providing coherent wave front.

  • 3.5 - inch Inside / Outside copper voice coli
  • 900 Watt continuous program power LF
  • 101 dB Sensitivity
  • 40 Hz - 3 kHz Frequency range
  • Dual - forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
  • Dual spider design with silicon based damping control
  • 2.5 - inc Diaphragm, 1.4 - inch Exit Throat / Pure Titanium Compression Driver
  • 180 Wat Continuos program power HF
  • Frequency range: 700 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Direct Drive Voice Coil Assembly
  • 3 - slot, optimized geometry phase plug
  • Aluminum rear cover dissipation design
  • Copper inductance ring for extended response
  • Vented, damped, low distortion, variable profile suspension System