RCF LF15N451 Woofer

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RCF LF15N451 Woofer
RCF LF15N451 Woofer
The LF15N451 is a very high power handling woofer , specially designed to provide powerful and accurate bass frequencies with low distortion and low power compression. Ultra fast time response. The LF15N451 uses a fibre loaded cone assembly along a large triple roll surround, this combination provides remarkable strength and control. Double silicon spider system ensures excellent control during large excursions. A fully optimised T-pole design generate the minimum amount of flux modulation to get lower distortion.
The transducer design is based on a very strong neodymium magnetic structure and a new 4,5” inside-outside copper coil, this combination guarantees higher handling especially in comparison to standard 4" voice coil designs. The unique Dual-forced air venting system provides a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression.

  • 4.5-inch fiberglass inside/outside copper voice coil
  • 2600 Watt continuous program power handling
  • 97 dB Sensitivity
  • 35 Hz – 1.5 kHz Frequency range
  • Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
  • Dual spider designed with silicon based damping control
  • BL of 33.5 T/m to provide a faster and accurate low frequency