RCF MB15N351 Mid-Bass

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RCF MB15N351 Mid-Bass
RCF MB15N351 Mid-Bass
This MB15N351 is designed to provide an excellent linearity in the frequency response with low distortion.The transducer is built around a very stronger neodymium magnetic structure and a new 3,5” voice coil, this combination provides to increase the power handling especially in comparison a standard 3" voice coil.The unique Dual-forced air venting system guarantee a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimize the power compression at the higher power handling.

  • 3.5-inch, inside/outside copper voice coil
  • 1300W continuous program power handling
  • 100 dB Sensitivity
  • 40 Hz – 3 kHz Frequency range
  • Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression
  • Dual spider design with silicon based dampening control