RCF MR-44(W)T 2 Way Reflex Speaker 60 W with Transformer

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RCF MR-44(W)T 2 Way Reflex Speaker 60 W with Transformer
RCF MR-44(W)T 2 Way Reflex Speaker 60 W with Transformer
Careful acoustic design and the use of advanced materials contribute to the exceptional music fidelity and speech intelligibility exhibited by the RCF Monitor 44T (black) and Monitor 44/WT (white) two-way speaker systems.

The carbon fiber diaphragm remains extremely rigid at high power levels, producing a more linear response and lower distortion. The cone is fitted with a durable foam surround and treated to resist moisture. The high-frequency section features a constant directivity horn with a built-in mechanical phase equalizer. The horn is driven by a Ferrofluid® cooled, 0.5" mylar dome tweeter. The system is nominally crossed over at 4 kHz by a 12 dB/octave network, which uses markedly lower (than conventional) inductance values in series with the woofer. This design reduces sound delays associated with high inductance values and provides excellent low fre-quency transient response. The high-pass section is corrected for optimum perfor-mance of the CD horn and is protected with a circuit based on a low-value/low-mass filament resistor that smoothly limits the power sent to the tweeter driver. All components are housed in a vented enclosure formed from semiexpanded polystyrene foam that is extremely strong, lightweight and weather resis-tant. Threaded metal sockets are molded into the cabinet to facilitate quick, safe deployment of the Monitor 44T, as a single unit or in arrays, using specially designed accessory mounting hardware.

  • Ideal for high quality paging and music reproduction
  • Low impedance (4O - 60W) or 100V operating mode
  • Transducers LF 5" - HF 0.5" constant directivity tweeter
  • Built-in low inductance passive crossover with high frequency dynamic protection, bass refl ex @65Hz
  • Body in self-extinguishing plastic
  • Includes hinged support for installation