RCF PL60FD Ceiling Speaker Fire Dome

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RCF PL60FD Ceiling Speaker Fire Dome
RCF PL60FD Ceiling Speaker Fire Dome
The PL 60FD ceiling speaker can insulate itself from the line in case of fire.
Thanks to its ceramic termination blocks (capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 650° C/202 °F), its thermal fuse ( threshold: 150 °C/ 302 °F) and its fire-resistant cable, the speaker does not allow fire to move to the audio system.
It is ideal for the reproduction of announcements and background music and features a 4 position manual switch) to select the speaker power.

  • Expecially suitable for alarm/evac applications
  • 6" dual cone wide band loudspeaker
  • Sound pressure level at music power: 105 dB/1 m
  • Low impedance (8O) or 100V
  • Built-in multi-tapped transformer for 100/70V constant voltage connection
  • Metal back cover, RAL 3020 red
  • Ceramic termination blocks, thermal fuse, fi re resistant cable