Arco 12 Sub

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Arco 12 Sub
Arco 12 Sub
The Arco 12 Sub incorporates the new 122S dual coil 12” loudspeaker for bass reproduction which provides low frequency output to 30 Hz. The dual voice coil configuration of the loudspeaker allows the cabinet to reproduce both the left and right channel subwoofer frequencies.

The Arco 12 Sub cabinet uses a band-pass configuration. The enclosure is manufactured in MDF and is available in either a black or white paint finish. An optional mounting accessory permits wall mounting. The connector panel provides stereo inputs and high-pass filtered satellite outputs for either Arco 4 or Arco 24 systems.

The Arco 12 Sub is ideal for foreground music and music/paging systems requiring bass reinforcement. Possible applications include restaurants, retail outlets, bars, music cafes, fitness centers, or any other indoor application.

Compact subwoofer system for installations
12" double coil loudspeaker
Right/Left inputs
Filtered right/left outputs
Wall mount accessory