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Whirlwind podMIX 2 Channel Passive Mixer
Whirlwind podMIX 2-Channel Passive Mixer

Whirlwind podMIX 2-Channel Passive Mixer

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The podMIX is a passive mixer that combines a microphone with a stereo, line level audio source and reduces them to mic level for connection to a single channel input of a sound system.

Use it to combine your microphone with a CD or MP3 player, computer, DJ mixer, etc., for paging and announcing over background music in banquet halls, sports arenas and party houses.

Accepts the stereo line inputs via 1/8" stereo jack or dual RCA phono jacks, reduces them to mic level and sums them with the microphone into a single balanced mono output. These are wired in parallel and can be used as a loop thru from one to the other.

Whirlwind podMIX Features

  • A variable attenuator on the line input allows level matching and mixing between the music source and the microphone
  • Mute switches on both the mic and line inputs provide convenient on / off control of each signal
  • Works with both dynamic and condenser microphones and passes phantom power from the output to the mic input
  • Features a ground lift switch on the line input to help eliminate hum and buzz
  • Can also be used as a high quality DI box
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