Furman ASD-120 Power Relay

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Furman ASD-120 Power Relay
Furman ASD-120 Power Relay
The MINIPORT-20 Power Relay is a UL/CUL listed, 20 amp, relay switched 120 VAC outlet, with a terminal strip that allows remote control via safe, inexpensive, low voltage Class 2 wiring. Also available is the MINIPORT-15 (not shown), which is functionally identical except for its 15 amp rating. Both models include an internal 12 VDC supply, and can be controlled from a remote location with maintained or momentary contact switches.

Both the MINIPORT-15 and the MINIPORT-20 come equipped with two knockout holes for permanent installation with 1/2" conduit one on the top surface, the other on the bottom. Use of the bottom knockout hole requires removing the AC cord. According to the National Electrical Code, 1/2" conduit can accommodate up to five 20 amp circuits using ten THWN 12 gauge stranded wires; however, local codes should be checked for exact requirements. MINIPORTs are housed in rugged steel enclosures and come equipped with a heavy duty, 10 foot AC cord.

The MINIPORT-15 is fused; the MINIPORT-20 is equipped with a precision magnetic circuit breaker. The MINIPORT-20 and MINIPORT-15 are UL and CUL (Canadian) listed. Note: Because of its UL listed 20 amp rating, the MINIPORT-20 uses a 20 amp AC plug with perpendicular (not parallel) blades. If in doubt regarding your installation, please consult an electrician or call the factory. The MINIPORT-20 is an upgrade of an earlier Furman MINIPORT.

The primary differences are the ability to use momentary switches, the delayed turn-on option, and the additional knockout holes. Dimensions: 5.5" (H) x 3.75" (W) x 2" (D). With mounting bracket, width is 5.25".