Auralex MAX-Wall 420 (Purple)

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Auralex MAX-Wall 420 (Purple)
Auralex MAX-Wall 420 (Purple)
Mobile, Absorptive, eXpandable.
The MAX-Wall Modular Acoustical Environment.

It's everything you've always wanted from your acoustical treatments! Affordability. Portability. Expandability. Adaptability. The interlocking MAX-Wall acoustic foam panel kit system is made to grow and grow as your needs change. You want modular? MAX-Wall's your answer!

Add our Sunburst-360s or some of our Stand-Mounted LENRD Bass Traps and you've got an incredible amount of acoustical sound control in an attractive, portable package.

NRC: 1.05; Includes: 4 - 20" x 48" MW-panels and 2 MAX-Stands
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -