Ashly 3.6SP 3x6 System Processor

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Ashly 3.6SP 3x6 System Processor
Ashly 3.6SP 3x6 System Processor
The 3.6SP (3-in x 6-out) and 4.8SP (4-in x 8-out) are a great choice for both live sound and use in fixed installations like worship facilities, schools and performance spaces. The SP Series has front panel controls for immediate access to the settings during a dynamic, live performance. The front and rear panel USB ports allow you to program the DSP via Ashly's Protea software and set a password-secured security system to prevent unauthorized tampering.

Use the full Protea DSP suite crossover, equalization, compressor/limiter and delay. With up to 682ms on the input and the output, the SP-series can serve as a front-end processor for delay stacks. The three inputs on the 3.6SP give you added flexibility, particularly when most other processors only offer two inputs.