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Ashly MX-508 Rack-Mount Mixer
Ashly MX-508 Rack-Mount Mixer

Ashly MX-508 Rack-Mount Mixer

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SoundPro Item: 41455
MPN: MX-508
MSRP: $3,199.00
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The MX-508 is an 8-input stereo rackmountable mixer. Designed for many applications, it has an extensive mix of features for a small unit combined with excellent sound and quiet performance. The MX-508 combines traditional Ashly quality with internally modular construction in a package offering outstanding value and reliability.

The MX-508 features 84dB of gain to ensure full output with low-level or distant microphones. Several years of research went into the microphone preamp and the result is a discrete circuit with better than -129 dBu EIN and very low distortion. Low and High Shelving EQ combined with mid-band peaking EQ tunable from 140Hz and 8 kHz make for a very flexible tone control. Phantom power of +48 VDC is provided for condenser microphones via a switch on the front panel. Each input has its own 20dB pad switch. Variable gain trim and Mic/Line selection switches are also found on each input channel. Rounding out the list of standard input features are a Peak Clip indicator, two Aux Sends (factory-set with one pre-EQ and level and the other post-EQ and level, these sends may be modified by a qualified technician), in/out channel patching, level and pan controls, and both balanced XLR microphone and TRS Line inputs.

Transformer-balanced Left and Right XLR outputs are standard, as are balanced Left and Right TRS 1/4" outs. There is also an independent Mono output with its own front panel level control, as well as a selectable Headphone output with Level Control.

There are Pre-Master Sub In/Out patch points for linking other mixers. Peak Clip indicators are also provided for the Outputs, and the 10-Segment LED Meters may be selected to monitor either Program Left and Right or Aux 1 and 2. Maximum output level is +24dB into 600 Ohms.

The MX-508 also has two Master Aux Sends and two panable Master Aux Returns (one stereo and the other mono). A 3.5mm stereo line in jack on the front panel offers a convenient input alternative for MP3 players and smartphones with level control to the Mains or to Aux 1. Stereo RCA Outputs are also provided.

Ashly MX-508 Features

  • 3-band, channel EQ with sweepable mid freq. center
  • Convenient, 3.5mm stereo line in jack on front panel
  • 2 Aux sends per channel
  • Insert jacks on each channel
  • Independent mono output with level control
  • Transformer isolated +24dBm 600Ω balanced XLR-stereo program outputs
  • MX-508 rack-mount mixer1
  • Input Impedance
    • Mic Input (balanced): 1.2kΩ
    • Line Input (balanced): 20kΩ
  • Distortion
    • THD at +4dBu output, 20Hz-20kHz: <0.05%
    • THD at +20dBu output, 30Hz-10kHz: <0.05%
    • IMPD (SMPTE) at +20dBu output: <0.05%
  • Hum & Noise (20Hz-20kHz at max preamp gain)
    • Equivalent input hum and noise: <-128dBu
    • Residual output noise, TRS outputs, all levels at minimum: <-100dBu
    • Residual output noise, XLR outputs: <-90dBu
    • Master level at nominal, all Ch. Level controls at minimum: <-80dBu
    • Master level and one Ch. level at nominal: <-68dBu
    • Aux 1 or 2 out, aux master at nominal and all Ch. aux at minimum: <-88dBu
    • Aux 1 or 2 out, aux master and one Ch. aux at nominal: <-68dBu
  • Frequency Response
    • 20Hz - 20kHz: +0.5/-1dB
    • 50Hz-10kHz: +0/-0.5dB
  • Max. Input Level
    • Mic Input (with pad): +22.3dBu
    • Line Input: +23dBu
  • Max. Output Level
    • Transformer Output: +24.2dBu @ 600Ω load (+26.dBu no load)
    • Line Output: +23dBu, RCA +13.5dBu
  • Max. Voltage Gain (±2dB)
    • Master
      • Mic Input to Master Output, 600Ω Load: 84dB
      • Line Input to Master Output, 600Ω Load: 30dB
    • Aux Sends
      • Mic Input to Aux Master Output, pre ch. Level: 80dB
      • Mic Input to Aux Master 2 Output, post ch. Level: 95dB
      • SUB Input to Master Output: 12dB
      • Aux Returns 1 or 2 to Master Output: 30dB
      • Stereo Line in to Master Output: 27dB
  • Equalization
    • Low: ±12dB at 70Hz, shelving
    • Mid: ±12dB peaking, 140Hz-8KHz
    • High: ±12dB at 15KHz, shelving
  • Crosstalk
    • Adjacent Inputs, 20Hz-20kHz: <-65dB
    • Mic Input to Master Output, 1kHz: <-65dB
    • Mic Input to Master Output, 20kHz: <-55dB
  • VU Meters
    • Selectable to Main or Aux Outputs (0VU=+4dBu): -21VU to +6VU
  • Peak Indicatorspeak clip indicator on each input channel and left and right outputs; illuminates 3dB below clipping
  • Phantom Power
    • +48VDC applied to all mic inputs, switchable on front panel
    • Max. Total Current Draw: 80mA
    • Max. Single Channel Current Draw: 14mA
  • Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 30 watts
  • Dimensions19" x 5.25" x 9.4"
  • Weight14.7 pounds

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