Listen LA-323 4-Unit Charging/Carrying Case

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Listen LA-323 4-Unit Charging/Carrying Case
Listen LA-323 4-Unit Charging/Carrying Case
This 4-unit drop-in charging case is designed to store and charge up to 4 portable Listen RF products (LT-700, LR-300, LR-400 or LR-500).

Also has a removable lid, so the case becomes a charging tray. Drop the units in the case, hook them up, and they'll turn off automatically when fully charged. It also has individual earphone storage slots to prevent cable tangling, and a large pocket to store the power supply, headsets, and/or additional items. The sleek, sturdy case has durable latches and includes a shoulder strap for easy transport. Use with NiMH batteries.

  • LA-323 4-Unit Portable RF Product Charging/Carrying Case w/Removable Lid
  • Power Supply
  • Shouder Strap

  • Sturdy case with hard foam interior and durable latches
  • Detachable lid
  • Stores up to 4 receivers or portable transmitters
  • Pocket stores earphones and/or other accessories
  • Earphones can remain attached to receivers during storage
  • Case comes with keys and can be locked for security
  • Detachable nylon carrying strap