RTS SPS-2001 Versatile Power Supply

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RTS SPS-2001 Versatile Power Supply
RTS SPS-2001 Versatile Power Supply
  • Two audio inputs are provided. The inputs are combined internally and sent as a monaural signal to the internal speaker amplifier. The volume control adjusts the level to the front panel speaker. Typically, these inputs are used with the speaker outputs of a master station when the master station is set for use with a panel mic and speaker instead of a headset.
  • This recessed push-button switch lets you combine the audio signals of the two channels to create a single audio channel where all users can intercommunicate. Or, you can isolate each channel to create two groups of completely independent users.
  • The indicators are green for normal operation and red when there is an overload or short circuit. The reset push-button restores normal operation after the short-circuit or overload has been located and fixed.
  • The SPS-2001 accepts any input power in the range of 100- 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • When the Combine/Isolate switch is set to the Isolate position, each channel connector is powered separately and has completely separate intercom audio. When the Combine/Isolate switch is set to the combine position, each channel is still powered separately, but the audio signals are combined so that all users on both channels can intercommunicate.
  • This selector switch sets the SPS-2001 for compatibility with either Audiocom (BALANCED) or Clear-Com (UNBALANCED). Compatibility includes channel connector pin-outs, channel power requirements, and call signaling requirements. The SPS-2001 is shipped with this switch in the Audiocom position.
  • Instantaneous Auto Reset (IAR), the newest technology in performance and safety, which uses a revolutionary new circuitry that dynamically monitors line fault conditions. Then, when the fault is removed, automatically brings individual power supply channels up
  • Clear-com compatible