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Elation Fuze Profile CW LED Moving Head
Elation Fuze Profile CW LED Moving Head

Elation Fuze Profile CW LED Moving Head

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SoundPro Item: 43540
MSRP: $4,995.00
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The FUZE PROFILE CW™ is an automated LED framing fixture designed for trade show, stages, television and a wide array of AV event applications. The 91CRI 380W White LED engine ensures accurate color reproduction while delivering a powerful output of 11,000 lumens. Designed to illuminate objects like exhibits and banners, texture areas and key light persons with its flat field and accurate framing it has many practical applications where a fully automated ellipsoidal fixture is required. A rotating gobo wheel of breakups,two color wheels featuring solid colors and correction filters plus and Iris round out its comprehensive feature set.

Elation Fuze Profile CW Features

  • High Efficiency 380W 6,000K 91CRI White LED Engine
  • Up to 11,000 Total Lumen Fixture Output
  • 9° to 43° Wide Zoom Range
  • Full Blackout Framing System (+/- 45° index)
  • Dual Color Wheel (Solids, Color Corrections, + UV)
  • Rotating / Indexing Interchangeable Glass Gobos
  • Variable Frost Filter and Motorized Iris
  • DMX Adjustable LED Refresh Rate Frequency
  • Hibernation Mode (Power Save)
  • Attachable 2-inch Snoot Included

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