Telex FMR-500E (A), Beige

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Telex FMR-500E (A), Beige
Telex FMR-500E (A), Beige
Up to 10 systems can operate simultaneously from the pre-set groups of channels in one operating band. Groups of 16 coordinated channels between the two bands are also pre-set.

Advanced ClearScan and one touch Auto ClearScan automatic group and channel selections, for quick and easy system setup.

Completely programmable in 25kHz steps across 28MHz for 1112 possible frequencies. Backlit receiver LCD display shows the Group/Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery status, diversity operation, and RF and Audio level meters.

Balanced XLR audio output for Microphone or Line level signals and a 1/4 inch line level jack to match any application.

Fourth generation Posi-Phase diversity and advanced audio circuits provide maximum range and professional sound quality.

Includes single and dual rack mount hardware with front mount antenna cables.
  • Smart battery circuit means there is no way to put the battery in wrong.
  • Tone Code plus Amplitude squelch with one button on/off.
  • Three year warranty.