Telex TR-700 Beltpack Transceiver (A2)

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Telex TR-700 Beltpack Transceiver (A2)
Telex TR-700 Beltpack Transceiver (A2)
Bat/Overmod Light (BAT/OM)
  • Light will flash once when unit is turned on if the battery is good. If the light stays on, battery is low. If the light does not flash, battery is dead. A normal microphone gain setting will cause the LED to flash at the beginning of most words at normal speech levels. If the gain is too high, the LED will be red during the complete word at normal speech levels.

On/Off Volume Control
  • Turns the beltpack power on and controls head set volume

Talk Button
  • Press to enable the audio path to either Intercom Channel A or B or A + B, from the local headset microphone. The associated TALK LED, #6, will turn red when enabled. A quick press and release latches the talk function, unless latching has been disabled. Holding the button for over ½ second, will cause the audio path to be enabled only for as long as the button is held. If the talk function is latched on, pressing the talk but ton again will turn it off.

  • Will turn red when enabled by associated TALK or WTA button